Monday, November 16, 2009

School Days

Chapter 6: Back to School Weekend

I was pacing in the living room and my dad was working on his laptop in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. He was here...why was I so nervous?

Oh that's right, he and my dad really didn't meet much over the summer, I mostly met up with Erik somewhere or was in a rush. I did a quick check of myself and turned to walk to the door only to see my dad already up and walking.

"Daddy!" I hissed running after him. He didn't reply but I heard him chuckle.

He beat me to the door and let Erik in but he did step aside so I could greet him with a quick hug. Erik intentionally came to the door without his leather jacket and looked very respectable. I'm not sure my dad noticed the effort.

"Daddy, Erik. Erik, my dad" I said nervously. Technically they'd met in passing a few times over the summer but not for more than a few seconds. My dad motioned for him to come in and I suppressed an annoyed groan. Erik could read my face though and winked at me as we walked into the living room. I sat on the couch, hoping Erik would be able to sit with me but my dad beat him to the spot. I didn't say anything, Erik didn't say anything.

They talked about nothing important - sports mostly. My dad showed no indication that he didn't approve of Erik and Erik showed no indication that he knew better. After about 20 minutes I interrupted indicating we'd miss the movie, thus saving myself from more fake sports talk.

At the theater, as we waited to get our tickets, Erik just grinned at me. "What?" I finally asked.

"The movie doesn't start for another hour - you knew that." he said.

"Yes but another hour of sports talk would have been the end of our date." I said with a laugh.

Erik nodded. "Thanks for the save." he said pulling me closer and giving me a kiss.

Inside the lobby, I wasn't surprised to see familiar faces. There is only one movie theater in this area so a lot of teens come every weekend. I WAS surprised to see Todd and Mei-Ling together...on what looked like a date.

Veronica came in alone as Erik and I got or snacks. She spotted Todd and smiled briefly - then she saw Mei-Ling. I hoped we weren't all seeing the same movie. Of course we were.

Snuggled against Erik, I tried to watch them movie but kept glancing over at Veronica and Todd and Mei-Ling. Veronica was not pleased but seemed intent on stay through the movie, mostly to glare at them.

After the movie was over, Erik took me home. I saw my dad through the window but didn't pull back when Erik kissed me at the door. "Beach party tomorrow." he said, not looking thrilled.

"I know you're not a crowd person Erik but it'll be fun. We like the beach remember?" I said with a smile.

"I like the beach a lot - with you." he said and gave me another kiss. "Good night Gin." he said and turned to leave. I leaned against the door and watched him leave with a dreamy smile. I heard the click of the door nob and thankfully reacted before my dad opened it. I giggled, kissed him good night and went to my room without saying anything.

The next morning, I arrived at the beach early to stake out a good spot. Not wanting to put Erik through another "interview" with my dad so soon, we'd agreed to meet at the beach. I was near the lifeguard stand when he showed up.

"Good morning beautiful." he said pecking me on the cheek. "I like this swimsuit, new?" he asked admiringly.

"End of season sale." I said with a grin.

The party was in full swing with people running, playing in the water, tanning when Todd showed up - with Mei-Ling. I smiled as I pointed them out to Erik. He didn't really say anything - boy reaction. I watched them find chairs and saw Veronica watching them as well.

I wondered, once again, what she was planning or thinking but was determined to put her out of my mind. Erik and I joined in the activities and had a great time. When my shoulders got red he offered to reapply my sunscreen (such a hardship).

During a beach volleyball game, Mei-Ling pulled something in her shoulder and she and Todd left the game. I chanced a glance over and saw him massaging her shoulders. I almost took a volleyball to the head for my distraction and resolved, once again, to ignore them for the day.

But as the sun set and the air turned just a little chilly, I was sitting on the sand leaning back on Erik when I saw Todd and Mei-Ling almost kiss. They were interrupted by a shrill noise from behind them. No one could figure out where it came from but I imagine Veronica had something to do with it.

When the moon and stars had taken over the sky, I huddled closer to Erik, who wrapped his arms around me. "Not so bad eh?" I asked, looking up toward him.

He smiled and held me tighter. "I suppose not." he said. We stayed like that for awhile. People were lighting the fire pits but we were too content to move. Eventually though we got up to join a group by a fire.

As we stood, Erik looked at me. "When we did this three weeks ago, I thought it was the end." he said.

I nodded. "Me too." I said. "I'm glad we were wrong."

End Chapter.

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