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Crescent Bay is a collaborative story done with five simmers. On this page you can find each of the character biographies at the start of the story as well as links to each post.

Be warned that many of the later parts are long and contain lots of pictures, they may need time to load!

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Chapter 5, Part 5 - Boris
Chapter 5, Part 5 - Tony
Chapter 5, Part 5 - Ruby

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Molly Gregory (Camimh/Rogue_C)

Molly is the only girl of six kids. Until she was 15 and her mom had another baby, she was also the baby of the family. The idea of her mom having a baby at 15 and the events the led to said baby gave her lots of teen angst at the time but now she actually likes her little brother.

Her parents names are Michael and Morgan. Michael Gregory works in the business field. He works a lot of hours and when he isn't at work working, he is at home working. Morgan is a stay at home mom. For awhile, before baby Eric was born, she had gone back to work at the bistro but when she got pregnant, she quit and won't return until he's old enough for school.

The older Gregory Boys
Ian (age 28) was in drama club in high school. He was well known by the faculty and generally liked by all.

Jacob (age 25) was on the debate team. He's smart and a little rugged now. He teaches at the High School.

Patrick (age 22) was valedictorian of his class and class president. He has a photographic memory and a genius. Very little challenges him so he generally seems bored and lazy. He rarely gets dressed up for things. He is a counselor at a local summer camp and runs his own computer company.

Garrett (age 20) was on the football team. He joined the military after high school and is doing well with it. He is stationed out of state but visits when he can.

Then came Molly (age 18) and finally Eric (age 3).

Molly had a decent childhood. Her father worked too much and with 4 "star" brothers, even as the little princess she sometimes felt ignored but she was spoiled. Her dad took time to spend more time with her than any of the others and if she asks for it, she generally gets it (but she won't admit that). Her brothers are all VERY protective of her which is sweet but annoys her sometimes. She was closest to Garrett before he joined the military and left. Now she has developed a bond with little Eric.

As a child she was in gymnastics and swimming but she started doing cheerleading in middle school. Due to time mostly has had to choose between gymnastics and cheerleading and she chose to be a cheerleader. Her previous gymnastics serves her well on the squad though. She still does swim team.

When the Riddle family moved in a few house down from her, she became childhood friends with their daughter Stormy. They were best friends until middle school when they started to drift different ways. A few years later, their friendship began to rekindle.

Ruby Lewis (EmpressJericho)

Parent’s Job Status: Father was a Cop. Frank Been on the service for 15 years. He loves his job. Mother is a homemaker. Vanessa She raises her kids and loves her husband.

Siblings: Twin boys both 8 years old Sam and Dean. Sam is a genius, Computer Whiz: all around good student. Dean is typical boy. They are good boys who don’t give their parents too much trouble.

Family Life: They are a loving Family with Two great parents who love the other very much as well as their children.

Ruby Lewis isn’t your typical teenage girl. The other girls at her school are preoccupied with their hair and the dance, their make-up, who is dating who. Blah, Blah, Blah it’s all trash.

Ruby is 17 years old. She goes to Ellington High School. She hates it. She thinks it’s a waste of her time, when all she is going to be is a Rock Star. She loves Heavy Metal, the darker the better. Her parents don’t know where she gets her dark personality, when her brothers are such goody two shoes.

Ruby’s parents had pressured her to try out some extracurricular activities as a child. She was on a swim team for a while. It was there she met Molly. It seemed they were always competing against each other. This made Ruby kind of upset as Molly was such a goody two shoes. Ruby eventually gives up the swim team in favor of playing music. Her parents support her, just so long as she is doing something besides sitting up in her room listening to all that noise.

Ruby is now in High School and she doesn’t have very many friends. Just some of the other “hooligans” she likes to hang out with. They are cool. They like a lot of the same things she does, plus they aren’t preoccupied with materialistic crap like a lot of the kids in this school are.

Boris Michaels (Agent R)

Family history:

In Riverview, a young Casanova by the name of Don Lothario was stirring things up his own way. The story tells that Don had fallen into a time vortex, placing him into the past. He found the local Science Research Facility, and as he kept searching for a way to return to his time, he fell in love with the beautiful Anastasia Spartan, medical researcher from the hospital in town, and they were married. They eventually had a son, Wilfred.

Don began catting around with other women at night and this eventually got back to Anastasia. Although she did not confront Don on his impropriety, she was deeply hurt. She began drinking. As unfortunate events happen, Anastasia was drinking heavily one night and slipped and fell into the pool, drowning.

Don, not wanting children in the first place, began to grow apart from Wilfred, who had been very close to his mother. Wilfred was not a strong individual, with many imperfections. Don grew less and less fond of Wilfred as the months passed. He wished he was to correct the imperfections in his son.

Upon one of his many visits to the local science research facility, Don heard about some genetic experiments taking place and began to make inquiries. He was excited to find out that they had begun cloning from a person's DNA. He eagerly submitted Wilfred for testing. Extensive tests were done, countless samples of DNA taken from Wilfred. The time had finally come for the scientists to clone a perfect Wilfred. The process had begun. The cloning was proceeding without incident. During the final testing, the embryo split into two. The scientists were excited about the prospect of perfect twins.

The time arrived when the babies reached the stage of maturation where they could be taken home. Damon and Dante were born. Don hired a live in caretaker for the boys. Don had left Wilfred in the care of the science facility, no longer wanting him about, having two perfect children. Weeks passed and Don was to take the boys in for evaluation.

The boys were tested extensively for physical as well as mental prowess. It was found that at the time the embryo had split, it had split into two selves with opposing personalities. For every instance where Dante was good, Damon was found to be evil. Don decided to ask the scientists to try once more. Wilfred's body weakened over the passing months, and would not withstand another battery of testing. Don was adamant, but the scientists refused. Wilfred finally expired. Don decided it was time to leave Riverview and headed for [NEW TOWN] with the boys. He had the bodies of his wife and son sent on as well.

The boys finished school and began lives of their own. Don was finally able to tell the boys of their beginnings. Despite being complete opposites of the same person, the boys got along remarkably well. They did not make many friends after moving to [NEW TOWN], leaving their boyhood friends behind in Riverview.

Alfonse Michaels was the head of the crime syndicate in [NEW TOWN] for quite some time. As a young upstart in town, he met and married journalist, Hestor Brown. They had twin sons Achilles and Hector. Achilles, following in his father's footsteps, began a life of crime. Hector, the more level-headed twin, chose to pursue a career in music.

Some of the up and coming crime lords were getting tired of Alfonse calling all the shots, and conspired to get him out of the way. The plot was laid and the trap set, and Alfonse was electrocuted and finally out of their way.

With no one, so they thought, to get in their way, they began separating the town into "crime districts." Little did they know that an up and coming criminal would thwart their every move. Achilles Michaels learned from the best. His father, Alfonse. The districts disappeared one by one and Achilles gained control of the town.

Achilles' eye caught a young and eager talent within the ranks of the thieves’ guild. Damon Lothario. He took Damon under his tutelage. They soon became romantically involved. Both wanted a child, but that was physically impossible for the pair. Damon, having remembered the genetic research which was the reason for his being, suggested to Achilles that they contact the science facility in Riverview, to inquire on their progress.

As luck would have it, they had made great strides in their genetic research at the Science research facility in Riverview, since those early days, when Wilfred was sacrificed. Achilles and Damon traveled to Riverview to provide their DNA for the creation of a child. After further consideration, they agreed to two children, and thus Boris Michaels and Axel Lothario came to be. It was difficult to raise the children with both parents working (if you can call engaging in illicit activity, working).

Achilles twin brother, Hector, moved in with his son Kale, after his wife left him. This was a blessing to both Achilles and Damon, as Hector’s music career and concert schedule could be arranged around their work hours for the most part. Hector’s wife had left him and their son shortly after it was discovered that Kale carried the insane trait. This may have been inherited from generations past, as Hector’s wife’s family has a history.

The boys have all grown up together, Boris, his brother, Axel, and their cousin, Kale, from an early age.

Achilles has become the leader of the crime syndicate in Crescent Bay and Hector has achieved stardom as one of Crescent Bay’s most notable Rock Stars.

Stormy Riddle (Agent B)

The atmosphere in Stormy Riddle's household has never been high in spirits, but had an air of depression and a sense of emptiness. Of course her parents and baby sister were moving about in the large faintly scented mildewed house doing their own thing, but hardly as a family. Stormy, since she could remember, has gotten used to how things went on in her home. Or has she?

Donovan, Stormy’s father, is the town’s top handyman. He does different jobs here and there, but mostly at the local stadium. He earns decent money when work was available, but there were times when work was scarce for weeks, and therefore budgeting was a must. After work or on his days off, Donovan was in a world all his own emotionally, and sometimes mentally. He would be present in the house, but withdrawn from the rest of the family. He does love his wife and daughters, but because of the way he was brought up, he did the best he knew how. His little old mean grandma raised him while his mother constantly worked. He had no siblings and his father was absent from his life. So he was used to being isolated. Donovan cooked the meals from time to time (only because he loves to cook) and took care of the family’s material needs. He also made sure his wife took her depression and anxiety medications.

Apparently Rain, Stormy’s mother could be mentally unstable at times, due to her upbringing in an abusive environment. . Rain’s parents argued with one another regularly, but seemed to take most of their anger out on her, which was mostly verbal and some physical. They barely had enough money to get by and Rain happened to be an additional mouth to feed and clothe. Her parents repeatedly told her she was mistake, no good, and will amount to nothing. When they discovered Rain was pregnant, they wanted her out of the house, because that was an extra mouth to feed. Rain dated Donovan on and off the last two years of high school. She became pregnant in the 2nd semester of 12th grade and their parents insisted that they get married right away after graduation. Rain, was okay with the idea of marrying Donovan, because it would remove her from her horrific parents.

Rain worked as a cashier at the grocery store part-time after Stormy was born. Donovan has tried to encourage, no, has “told” her to go take some classes to further her education, but her parents harsh words would madly resound in her head, and kept her from going forward in life. Rain did not shower Stormy with hugs and kisses she herself craved as a child. She was emotionally absent from her. Between the two parents, Stormy had meals, was bathed, and had plenty of toys and received help with homework. That was the extent of their care. Then one day Stormy met Molly.

Molly lived a few houses down the street from Stormy, in this gorgeous two-story home. Stormy thought her parents were awesome, a couple of her brothers cool and was always over at their house. The two girls rode the same school bus in grade school and became friends quickly. This was the first person Stormy felt she could be herself around and talk to about anything. She even spoke about the issues in her own home to Molly, but only up until middle school. Molly became more involved with school activities, meeting new friends and thus becoming popular. Stormy, was losing her best friend to others and didn’t like it. She explained a few times to Molly, that she hasn’t been putting enough quality time into their friendship anymore. Molly basically told Stormy she was being too possessive and silly, and eventually they went their separate ways.

Presently, Stormy is in her last year of high school, a loner, and has never opened up to anyone after the fallout between her and Molly. Sure, there was someone here and there she’d briefly chat with, but that’s about it. She also watched her mother go off the deep end, while pregnant with her sister Sunny, and a few months after giving birth, institutionalized. This was a few years back. When her mother found out she was pregnant, (though she was on some form of birth control) she couldn’t handle it and change in hormones didn’t help the situation. She never wanted any more children, and has already concluded she was a lousy wife and parent . She became restless, stressed and abuse from her past reared it’s ugly head. Donovan and meds couldn’t help her. She became a danger to herself and had to be put away until she became somewhat stable again….. and so the story goes… ;)

Anthony Stark (Shoang)

Family Members: Hank Stark (Tony’s Father)

Anthony lives alone with his Father, his mother died when Tony was of the age of six in a car accident while going to pick Tony up from little league practice.

Hank Stark: Anthony’s farther is very successful in business as a result is wealthy.
He leads a quiet life and has never remarried after the lost of his wife. Although he loves his son very much, he spends very little time with Anthony and would buy Anthony Anything he would ask for to make up for his absence.

Anthony longing for his father’s attention from a child until now looked to others for attention:
Anthony loves to socialize; telling jokes, meeting new people and light flirting with the ladies, nothing heavy just things like; “hey good looking”. Anthony also talks with a little bit of slang, mispronouncing some words to sound cool. He would generally greet someone with “sup” instead of hello or hi.

Tony is Very athletic and competitive, he hates to lose and would kick himself if he did however; he has great sportsmanship and would congratulate his opponent for the win.

Just Before the start of high school:
One year at summer camp at the age of 13 Anthony met Molly, Ruby, Boris and Stormy.
They became the best of friends especially Molly, Being so much alike they hit it off right away.

On the return home from summer camp Anthony told his father about his friends and how he felt about Molly, his father decided it was time for the talk (the birds and the bees). After the talk Anthony told his father he thinks Molly is the one for him.

High school years:

Anthony excelled in sports during high school, he could be found in the gym, after school practice, jogging with Molly or just hanging out with his friends.
One year Anthony’s school councilor told him he would be dropped from foot ball if his grades did not improve, Anthony turned to Boris for help with school.

Hank was so proud of how well Anthony was doing in sports he started calling him little hank the tank. Anthony finally found something that his farther enjoyed spending time with him in.