City Limits

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Over on the SiManiacs site, we have started a Collaborative world full of all sorts of people, this story will fit into that world and may occasionally have cross overs with other participants' stories. If you are interested in reading other stories from the 'verse, check them out here.
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My particular story is set in the fictional city of Auchlin; I'd tell you more but that might ruin the fun. :D Enjoy!

Author's note: If you've read the first five chapters, you've now met the five primary characters in this story. Their connections to each other vary from nothing at all to a chance meeting to family. Each one will take us further and further into their own worlds as well as the city of Auchlin as a whole. I picked the name "City Limits" for this story because I wanted it to be about the WHOLE city not just one part of it. I can't really tell the story of an ENTIRE population but I figured this would get me pretty close. All the parts do intertwine together in one way or another

Main Characters: Mirelle (Mir/Chapter 1), Alexis (Lex/Chapter 2), Lincoln (Link/Chapter 3), Symphony (Sy/Chapter 4) and Alejandro (Alex/Chapter 5).

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All the cool kids are doing it! I've added an ask page to my Tumblr account - partially to give the poor thing a use I imagine.

Truth or Dare

If you have a Tumblr account, you can ask any of my sims - past or present - a question over yonder. But if you DON'T have a tumbler account you can just ask it here and I'll copy it over as needed.

The questions should be addressed to a particular character and will be answered in character - hopefully with a picture just for fun. :)

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