Monday, December 14, 2009

School Days

Chapter 11: Homecoming

As Homecoming approached, Veronica and I made plans to go shopping at the mall for dresses. Veronica claimed she had a date but wouldn't tell me who it was. "Come on V! Tell me who the mystery guy is." I said as we looked into a window display.

"Nope." Veronica said dragging me to another shop. She had already picked out a dress but I hadn't found one I wanted just yet. As soon as we entered the shop she scooped up a half dozen dresses and pushed them into my arms. "Try these on!"

From the dressing room, I called out; "Give me a hint. Upper or lower classman?"

"Upper." V said nonchalantly, though I knew she was about to burst.

I poked my head out from behind the curtain with my eyebrows raised. "Junior or Senior?!"

"Junior." she said with a grin.

I slipped the curtain back and finished putting on the dress. Then I stepped out and grinned. "Okay V, truth time - who is it?" I asked.

"I don't like that one." V said dodging. She pushed me back into the dressing room.

I rolled my eyes but changed dresses. " he on the football team?" I asked as slipped on a slinky silver dress. "Basketball?" (although it was muffled by the dress)

"Football." V answered. I could hear her tapping her foot waiting for me to come out.

When I came out she smiled. "That's the one." she said.

"If I buy this one will you tell me who you're going to the dance with?" I asked already planning to get the dress. I returned the other dresses and walked up to the counter with my dress. As it was rung up, I turned back to V - "Well?" but she stayed silent.

"Come on, let's get something at the food court." she said snatching my bag from the counter.

After we finally sat down drinking our sodas, I caught her eye. "Enough dodging V! Who are you going with?" I asked.

Veronica took several minutes to concentrate on her soda and fruit bowl and then finally looked at me and smiled. "Adam Williams" she finally said practically bouncing in her seat.

"Ooh! Nice!" I said with a grin. He was a snob and way to smug about his own looks but he did look great. "Well done V."

A few days later was the Homecoming pep rally. One of the cheerleaders had come down with mono and was out of school, so Veronica was called in as an alternate. She tried to look annoyed by the inconvenience but I knew she was excited.

Carson High hadn't beat Crestview High at our Homecoming in the last five years so there wasn't a lot of pep to the pep rally in the beginning. We had a good team this year but still, five years of history were fighting against us.

The cheerleaders had their work cut out for them raising the spirit of the crowd.

Veronica was even "cheer-tastic"; more so than she had been at try outs.

Their spirit was infectious and the crowd jumped to their feet toward the end when the football players did their runs across the field.

When Spencer Ryan, the captain of the team and the most likely candidate for Homecoming King, stepped up to say something, the roar of the crowd drowned him out. Just as well, I've heard him speak....

Well we won the game, it was very close but we won!! The dance had the best attendance in years from what I understand and everyone was full of energy riding on the win.

When it came time for the presentation of the King and Queen, the room fell silent. Everyone knew that Spencer and his long term girlfriend, Anya, had broken up very publicly a couple weeks ago. She had rebounded quickly but the school still selected them as King and Queen. When they were crowned at the game, they'd glared at each other, when they walked to the dance floor together for their "Royal" dance, they were arguing....again.

Everyone looked away and then back again, we all danced but most of our eyes were on them. Spencer looked toward his date helplessly. Anya had always had a bit of a temper.

Needless to say, the King and Queen's dance did not last long before Jeremy Malone cut in to "rescue" Anya and Spencer beat a fast retreat to his own date.

Before the night was over, we all made our way to the photographers station to get pictures with our dates.

Mei-Ling and Todd

Erik and I

Veronica and Adam

Timothy and Ranna

The Homecoming King and Queen...

End Chapter

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