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Niko and Leni

This is intended to give the reader some past knowledge that you might find relevant. Enjoy!

Personal Record of Special Agent Nikolas Geirson

Name: Nikolas Jonathan Geirson
Known Aliases: Nick, Niko, Nicky, Ace
DOB (YYYY/MM/DD): 1980/06/23

Clearance: Top Secret
Current Status: Active

Physical Appearance: 73in, 180lbs, see attached photo
Identifying marks: bullet wound scar on right shoulder (REF# 02HTY96A); scars from being cut by knife on left leg (REF# 07NPL53G)

On July 7th, 1987, firefighters in Adelbrook, PA were called to 2321 Summons Way; the home of Eric Geirson (age 42), Emily Geirson (age 35) and Nikolas Geirson (age 7). Firefighters on scene reported a large house fire which had consumed much of the home on arrival. A resident on the scene reported that Nikolas had spent the previous night at the house of Gerald Williams (age 7); Williams' parents confirm that both boys were at the house all night.

It took firefighters four and a half hours to extinguish the house fire. Eric Geirson and Emily Geirson perished in the fire. Their remains were found in the master bedroom on the second floor. Remains identified based on approximate age, gender and physical characteristics. Signed by Dr. Janice Harrison, medical examiner, (REF#87LTN98J)

The investigation revealed that the fire originated in the kitchen. Arson was suspected though no accelerate could be determined. Rapid rate of spread suggests accelerate or multiple points of origin. Scene investigated by Leonard O'Donnell, case remains open due to probability of arson. No suspects ever detained due to insufficient evidence. (REF#87ARS62B)

Nikolas Geirson (age 7) placed in care of Prudence Wentworth (age 52), his maternal aunt; also a resident of Adelbrook, PA.

From 1993-1996, Nikolas Geirson implicated in multiple incidents including fighting, petty theft, vandalism and truancy but no formal charges ever pressed.

On August 3rd, 1996, Child Services opened an investigation into the fitness of Prudence Wentworth (age 61) as a guardian for Nikolas Geirson (age 16) due to his behavior. Despite the investigation being closed in favor of Mrs. Wentworth; Nikolas ran away from home on August 18th, 1996. He was reported missing immediately.

On August 21st, 1996, he was spotted in Dalyton, thirty miles from his home, by Officer Rick Leeland of the Dalyton Police Department. Officer Leeland recognized him from the photograph provided by Prudence Wentworth and picked him up. He was returned to Mrs. Wentworth's care. (REF#96JTF02M)

On June 24th, 1998, Nikolas Geirson enlisted in the Army. Following 9/11, he served three year long tours in four years; exemplary service record. (REF#AR-045V81G2; see Army Personal Record). Rank at discharge: E6.

Received Bachelor of Science degree from University of Pennsylvania in May 2005. (REF#05EDU89A)

Recruited by Bureau in January 2006 by Special Agent Franklin Allen and Deputy Director Williams. Officially instated February 17th, 2006; at which point he was formally discharged from military service.

Assigned to State field office in Pennsylvania; at his request.

Had brief relationship with Detective Felicia Gianni of the Adelbrook Police Department, pair cited for inappropriate behavior on a job site on November 8th, 2008 (REF#08LVU67Z). Relationship since ended but does not appear to hinder job performance or working relationship.

Date of file: 2010/01/17

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