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School Days: Junior Year

Chapter 13: The Sock Hop

"And be sure to get your tickets for the Sock Hop on Saturday night!" the intercom said. "Tickets will be on sale all week during all lunches. Cost is five dollars per person."


"Why are we watching this movie?" Erik asked, his face looked comical as Danny and Sandy sang.

"Because of the dance of course." I said. "You have it easy, you already have your leather jacket and all; I need to put together an outfit."

"Couldn't you just look it up on internet?" he asked.

"Yes, but this is more fun." I said. I snuggled against him, effectively ending his protest.

"Mhmm. If you say so." he said. After watching awhile longer in silence he spoke up again. "I thought you wanted to take things slow?"

"This is slow." I said looking at him. "We're just watching a movie...and cuddling."

"But no kissing." he pointed out.

"Exactly." I winked. "I like the kissing but slow...slow is good."

"I can't say that I agree with you." Erik said with a smirk.

"You don't like the kissing?" I teased.

He chuckled. "I wouldn't know, we haven't done any of it recently. You could...ya know, refresh my memory."

I kissed him on the cheek and laughed. "Refreshed enough?"

"Oh yeah, that was great!" he joked. We joked off and on through out the rest of the movie. Periodically, Erik would groan - particularly at the start of most of the musical numbers - but he stayed for the whole thing.


Timothy, being on Student Council, was amongst the organizers for the Sock Hop. He had no hesitation in enlisting the rest of us to help. Erik was recruited for the band and Meghan, having a better voice than anyone else, was enlisted to accompany him.

Nai'a was on hand with her camera through the whole set up. She'd really gotten into this photography thing!

"Hey Ginny!" Nai'a called across the gym. Student Council volunteers were setting up balloons and directing caterers and moving furniture so I had to dodge a few of them to get to her.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Are you planning to go to that thing at CSU next week?" she snapped a picture of Principal Watts who had just walked in.

I couldn't stop staring at him! He'd always had a thick beard and was gone! "Wow!" I said softly. "He looks so....different!"

Nai'a probably took about a dozen pictures of him bopping to the beat of Erik and Meghan warming up. "So going in the newspaper!" she said happily. Satisfied with her shots, she let go of the camera for a second and turned her attention back to me. "So...the CSU thing...are you going?"

"Yeah probably, my dad said it was okay as long as someones' parent went along - otherwise he'll be tagging along for the trip." I said. "Why?"

"I have you covered there" she said but didn't elaborate. "I think you should write an article to go with my photos."

"Don't they have people for that?" I asked.

"Yeah but I don't think anyone is going from the paper. I mentioned I was and they want me to write no thanks!" Nai'a said. "But you're a great writer!"

"I'll think about it. Now are your parents going?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I'll tell you about it later" she grinned at me, holding back something and then nudged back in the Erik's direction. "Dance so I can take pictures!"

"No one is here yet!" I argued but I started dancing anyway.

It wasn't long before people started showing up and the gym was getting crowded. Erik and Meghan switched from warming up to actually performing along with some body I didn't really recognize on the drums.

Veronica looked in my direction when she first came in and I thought she looked a little conflicted, as if she wanted to join us, for a fraction of a section. Before she could, she was called over by her new friends - I was amused to see them all dressed in tight black clothes ala Sandy at the end of Grease.

Todd came in with Mei-Ling a little late. Even though we were the same age, she seemed older to me every time I saw her. I'm sure it was a mental aging on my part since she was in college and all.

"Hi Ginny" she said giving me a wave. Todd waved as well before spinning her away in a dance. I giggled at them and turned back to watch Erik. "Are they dating again?" Mei-Ling asked Todd.

Todd looked over towards me and shrugged. "Maybe, Ginny says not officially..."

"I don't think it will be long before it is official though." he added.

He was probably right, I loved Erik - and as much as I said take it slow, most of the time I just wanted him to kiss me and hold me. Part of me hated the fact that we'd missed out on a year and a half that we could have been together.

What would we be like now if we were like Alex and Tessa, for example. Those two had been together as long as I'd known them. They'd probably still be walking hand in hand when they were ninety; all lovey dovey and probably a little too sweet for their great grand kids. Glancing over in their direction, I grinned at the thought. They were just too cute for their own good.

After an hour, the band took a break and music was pumped through the intercom so the dancing wouldn't have to stop. Erik placed the guitar back on the stand and when he turned around, there was Meghan trying to get his attention. I couldn't help but laugh at her desperate attempts to win him over.

Erik, looking past her in my direction, saw my smirk and grinned at me. As quickly as he could he excused himself from Meghan's grasp. "Sorry Meghan, I owe Ginny a dance." he said as he headed in my direction.

"You do?" I asked, having over heard his excuses.

"Well I hope I do at least." he said with a wink. "Will you dance with my Ginny?"

"Hmm" I pretended to think about it before wrapping my arms around his neck. "I think I can do that." A slow song had just come on and I leaned my head against him, enjoying the feel of his arms around me. As it came to an end, I took his hand in mine and led him out of the gym into the hallway.

"Wanted to get me alone already?" he flirted, leaning into me; against a row of lockers.

"Something like that." I said. I placed a hand on his cheek lovingly and stroked his neck for a moment, gazing into his eyes.

He put his hand on the small of my back and used his other hand to brush a thin strand of hair out of my face. "Gin." His voice was low as he said my name.

"Erik.." I said softly. "Kiss me."

And he did. His kiss was like liquid fire, warming me from head to toe. It was familiar and yet thrilling in new ways.

End Chapter

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