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Taffity Family Legacy

Generation 4, Chapter 6

We weren't in the new house long before Data discovered that water didn't work well with his circuitry. I'm not sure how Scotty neglected to mention that fact to him but Data was a curious one. One night after the girls had all finished their baths and been tucked into bed, Data decided he wanted a bath too. It didn't end so well.

We heard the pops and fizzles of electricity from the other room and rushed in to see what had happened. There was a puddle of water on the floor and the bath tub hadn't been drained yet. "Oh no!" Scotty said with a grimace.

"Can you fix him?" I asked nervously. I'd rather grown to like Data since he'd first come into our lives and would hate to see anything bad happen to him.

"I think so..." Scotty said, though he didn't sound too sure. "Can you go get me my tools?" I nodded and retrieved his tool box and he set to work.

Thankfully, Scotty had Data back up and running in no time and Data agree to never take a bath again. A couple weeks later, I got all the confirmation I needed to know that I was, in fact, pregnant again. Scotty was thrilled and said he wanted a little girl. It surprised me since we already had three girls. I, however, wanted a boy.

My new garden was really doing well but it required a lot of work since it was just starting out. Scotty was anxious about me working so much outside but I assured him that it was still early yet in the pregnancy and as far as I knew I would NOT be having triplets this time. At least I hoped not...

With the girls' birthday, the episode with Data and then the pregnancy, I just hadn't had much time to explore the island. But I had an appointment half way through my pregnancy and decided I would visit the park and maybe the beach. The triplets were at school and Scotty was glued to his invention table lately so it was just me. The first people I met were the Caliente sisters, it took me weeks to remember which one was Nina and which one was Dina.

I can't really say they were the nicest people I'd ever met - they had a bit of a mean streak in them. They liked to go around scaring the crap out of people. Dina did just that to me one day and I swear I thought my water was going to break right then and there. Even as Nina was scolding her sister for scaring a pregnant woman, I could see her fighting back a giggle of her own.

They were also very flirty girls. There were always rumors about them being seen with this man and that man - they seemed to have a particular attraction to same of the married men in town and I was suddenly thankful that Scotty liked his invention work table more than he liked going to the park. I admit to being secretly pleased the day I saw Nina get rejected for flirt from someone. I didn't want to see her hurting or anything.

I always said my girls - especially Ezri - were six going on sixteen but when they're birthday's game around again to thrust them into official teendom, I wanted to sob into my pillow. I noticed early on that Ezri and Kira seemed closer to each other than either of them were to Annika. They sat together on the bus while Annika had to sit in another seat. They played together more and usually left Annika at home reading. For her part, Annika didn't seem particularly upset by any of this but it upset me.

On their birthday, Ezri and Kira were giggling before they all stepped up to their cakes. They each had their own and at the last minute, Ezri and Kira decided to switch cakes with each other and they leaned in together to blow their candle out at the same time. Annika blew her candles out a moment later, ignoring the conspiring pair.




It was the middle of the night when I finally went into labor. Unlike the triplets who had come very early - this baby was actually almost two weeks late and the doctor was talking about doing a scheduled c-section. I desperately wanted to experience a normal delivery this time and held him off as long as I could. So when I felt the first real contractions at 3AM, I was ecstatic. Even if it did wake me out of a peaceful sleep.

The labor was long and painful but in the end I got exactly the birth experience I wanted and I got a beautiful baby boy out of the process. I think Scotty changed his mind about wanting another girl too because he wouldn't stop talking about sports and "guy stuff" to little Will.

Not long after Will was born, the issues with Annika and her sisters came to a head. Mostly between her and Kira. Kira made some inappropriate comment to Annika about her clothes I guess and Annika was really hurt by it. To make matters worse, Kira then insulted her for being upset. I think it may be time to get the girls there own rooms, or at least give Annika her own space from the other two.

Ezri was the first of the girls to bring home a boy. Scotty and I were peaking out the window as they flirted on the front porch. I can't say I much approve of his clothing choice but I actually know his mom and couldn't really disapprove of him much...Scotty, on the other hand, was ready to storm out when they lean in to kiss each other. It took every ounce of my strength to hold him back.

Will's first birthday came on all too soon, I couldn't believe my little boy and last little baby (at least as far as I have planned) was about to grow into a toddler. I didn't look forward to the potty training days but I always had great fun teaching the girls to walk and talk.

I brought him to the cake as Scotty, Data, Ezri and Annika cheered; Kira snickered and laughed. She said something about how silly it was to get a whole cake for a one year old but it was a tradition and it was his birthday!

He had Scotty's hair color! That gorgeous brown hair looked stunning on my little boy. Scotty was beaming with pride as well - he's broken through the blond genes with something other than a random black hair child.

Data and Will became fast friends. There is something about a little boy's imagination that makes it seem to so natural to be friends with a robot. Data loved playing with him and telling him things; Will told Data things too but in that garbled toddler tongue that no one could really understand. But still, he said a lot to Data.

End Chapter


Nina is pregnant...not sure who the father is lol


Kira with Will

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