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Taffity Family Legacy

Generation 5, Chapter 3
Birthdays tend to come hard and fast in our house. We were barely off the plane it seemed before there was a flurry of activity to plan Will's birthday party. He wanted a big party he said but the only person he really wanted to be there was his best friend Daisy so the rest of us contributed names to the invitee list just to make it bigger.

He was very thoughtful when it came time to blow out the candles and I thought I saw him look over at Daisy but I could be wrong...

Daisy had had her birthday the month before and ever since then she and Will had been slowly drifting apart. I think Will was hoping that being the same age would make things better - of course they were only a MONTH apart! But who can understand the thoughts running through a pre-teen mind?

As soon as the cake was over, Will sought Daisy out - most everyone had moved to the living room and were dancing or hanging out. "Um...wanna dance?" Will asked.

I'm sure Daisy blushed a bit but she nodded shyly. They were so cute together!

My parents - gotta love them - sometimes act more youthful than they are. Don't get me wrong, they're pretty cool parents as parents go but considering most of the dancers were under the age of 18...maybe they could have taken their "club dance" elsewhere?

To be fair, they have some good moves....but if you tell them I told you that I will have to kill you!

Daisy came over almost every afternoon after the birthday. She and Will got close again. And then they got even closer!

Yeah Will got up the nerve to kiss her and soon they were going out. You couldn't find one without the other anymore.

It wasn't long before we were planning another birthday party...only this time it was for three! That's right, Ani, Kira and I were about to celebrate our 18th birthdays; then we would be graduating from High School!

It felt like half the island showed up at the party - of course we all had our own friends, plus Will and Daisy and some of our parents' friends...and some people I don't think I've ever met...

Kira blew out her candles first and left the table quickly. "Thanks Kira..." I muttered, she didn't even stick around for Ani or I. Whatever, I guess it was better than having her point and laugh like she did for everyone else's birthday.

Ani went next, she joined the others on the other side of the table to wait for me. I thought for a moment about my birthday wish and then smiled in Isaiah's direction. He was a little older than me and had already celebrated his birthday - with far less fan fare I might add. It had just been me and his family.

After that Isaiah was practically living at our house - much to my parents' displeasure. We talked about moving out and getting our own place after graduation but I loved my house...if it weren't for the looks mom and dad would give us.

They didn't have anything to worry about though....Isaiah and I had both agreed to wait until after graduation. Of course once that had come and gone...all bets were off.

Isaiah officially moved in the first week of summer; my parents had reluctantly agreed since his Dad had made plans to move to another island.


At near the end of summer, Isaiah took me to the airport and we said goodbye - for a week anyway. I was getting my trip to Egypt and he was staying behind to help his brother and dad do all their final move things.

I found a couple leads on adventures and threw myself into it, trying not to think about Isaiah.

"Well that's encouraging" I muttered, looking at the remains half buried in the sand. I checked my supplies again.

I was halfway to reassuring myself when I heard a devastating crash and thud. I spun around to fund the entrance had closed and the wall of rock looked very nearly unmovable. I leaned into it and pushed with all my might.

"I don't think that's going to do..." someone said from behind me.

I spun around in surprise, "Wha? How did you get here?" I looked around the small room with the thick rock walls..

"I was exploring further in and heard the crash...I came to investigate." he had a French accent. "I'm Jean by the way." he extended his hand.

I shook it briefly and then resumed pushing and shoving at the former entrance/exit.

Jean stayed quiet behind me, letting me try in spite of the impossibility. When I finally stopped and slumped against the door he had a small grin on his face. "Done then?"

"Sure, thanks for the help." I said sarcastically. He motioned me aside and then tried his own strength against the door - it didn't budge.

Both of our stomachs growled then, "I suppose we ought to have a bit of do have provisions right?" he asked, eying me curiously. He started with the pink boot laces and worked his way up to the natural pink tips in my hair. "You don't look like the average explorer..."

After some lunch and conversation, we went further into the tomb together hoping to find another way out. Every once in awhile we would have to walk very close together and I could feel a small blush creep to my cheeks as I felt his breath against my neck. It wasn't that I was attracted to him necessarily...more the situation we were in together.

We were deep in the tomb when my whole body started to ache, I was sure we'd been exploring for hours and I was ready to collapse. " you suppose we can stop for a bit of rest?" I asked as we entered a large chamber; there was enough space to set up a tent or even just to lay down in the middle of the floor...anything involving laying down sounded like heaven to me.

"Oh thank goodness!" Jean said. "I've been wanting to say something for an hour..."

"Why didn't you?" I asked in surprise.

"Because I am a man..." he said matter-of-factly. I laughed and together we collapsed on the hard stone floor. I leaned into him for support and his arm automatically went around my wasn't a conscious decision - the kissing him I was a release, after everything we'd been through...

"I should warn you...I have a girlfriend..." Jean said, his lips just inches from mine.

"I have a boyfriend..." I whispered. Then I kissed him again. The heat in that tomb that night was only partially a result of the fire and torches...

We'd fallen asleep in each other's arms after...well anyway, I woke up before he did and quietly redressed myself, feeling horrible about what had happened between us. I could only think of Isaiah as I stumbled around the tomb looking for an exit as quickly as possible, I didn't want Jean to catch up to me, I didn't want to see his face again and be swarmed with more guilt.

With exceptional luck, I found another door and soon found a hidden door which dumped me right into night air. I propped the door open with a rock so Jean would see it as well when he woke up and then I ran.

Back in base camp, I tried to sleep but was restless. I gave up and pulled out my adventure journal and notes. I still had to go to another tomb and then report in to a local. I poked my head out of the tent and saw the son hadn't risen yet. I packed up my stuff and set out alone.

I found the tomb easily enough but I could barely concentrate. Even clearing away some rubble was too much effort for me at that moment. Isaiah was on my mind...

I got turned around a half dozen times at least and had to consult the dated map I'd been given but it was so yellow and fragile it wasn't much help.

"Come on Ez! You're better than this!" I exclaimed outloud. My voice echoed around the chambers of the tomb. Then there was the fire...oh boy was there ever the fire...

After setting myself ablaze a dozen or so times, I proceeded through the rest of the tomb with extreme caution...and fear. There was a lot of fire in this place!

Either by luck or marginal skill, I found the treasure my contact was after and scooped it and some other goodies from the chest.

I made my way back out of the tomb as quickly as possible, delivered the goods and then went back to camp for a shower. Feeling restored, I pulled out my phone to call Isaiah but before I finished punching in the number for home, I pushed 'end' and started dialing again - this time to the cab company. I still had four days on my trip but I was ready to go home.

End Chapter


Inara disapproves of burglars who wear sunglasses over their mask and try to merge themselves with her front door

Scotty has some series hip action going lol

Looking for bugs maybe??

There is a perfectly good and accessible dining room table with room for 6....why are they all on the floor?

I don't know how or why Ezri had the car in her inventory but the roads of Egypt are not meant for cars lol

It takes a very secure man to strut around in his pink heart undies in the middle of the Egyptian base camp...

Gymnastics paying off?

Or not so much

Oh yeah, the Frenchman is STILL hanging out int he middle of base camp with a distinct lack of clothes....Ezri has been gone for like 24 hours! hehe

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