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Taffity Family Legacy

Generation 5, Chapter 9

I never should have said I was done with was like tempting fate! We're been home from France a couple weeks when I realized something was amiss. We'd brought home a little stowaway it seemed. At first I was upset - I really was over the whole baby making thing but the first time I felt the little flutters of movement, I couldn't help but smile.

After the twins' birthdays we went out shopping for beds. Aragorn kept insisting that he wanted Faromir in his room, which already had two twin beds, but I was reluctant. Aragorn wasn't exactly the space sharing type. But once we found out we were having a new baby, giving all of them their own room was out of the question - we'd need a nursery for the baby after all.

So Eowyn got a new princess bed for her room, along with the sparkly glowy butterfly I'd brought home from France...

And Faromir moved into Will's old room with Aragorn. We offered to redecorate the room if they liked but they wanted it just how it was. Thankfully it seemed to be going better than I could have ever expected.


It was an average Saturday morning in the Taffity home, I woke up early to cook some Blueberry Pancakes for everyone. I'd been craving pancakes for weeks and the fresh blueberries sitting in the refrigerator just look too delicious to pass up.

After breakfast, the family scattered about to do their own things. Isaiah, who had picked up drumming as a hobby, was filling the house with music. He was actually pretty good. The twins were trying their hand at chess, they were equally matched so it was a pretty long game.

Mom was gardening no doubt and somewhere in the house I could hear my dad clanking away at something - the shower in the downstairs bathroom had broken recently so he was probably fixing it. Aragorn had started writing for fun now instead of just when he needed to calm himself, so when I couldn't find him I always followed the sound of the clicking keys - today was no different.

"Do I get to read this one?" I teased from the door way.

Aragorn turned to me and smiled - he actually smiled - "'s a story..." Then he turned back to the computer and the moment was over but the fact that he was even thinking of letting me into his world was enough for me.

On this typical Saturday morning, Isaiah got a call that changed everything. A local late night show called him about making an appearance. He was becoming something of a local celebrity apparently. When he came out of the office after taking the call, he was still staring at the phone looking confused.

We all went down to the studio to watch him that night, he was a little nervous about being out there in front of the audience so I didn't remind him about it being on TV too - he didn't need any more pressure. "You'll do great! Just tell the stories the same way you tell us when you come home..." I said. He was pulled away from us then to get ready and we were all sent to the audience.

"Here with us tonight, we have our very own ghost buster - Isaiah Taffity!" the host said. The audience cheered around me as he walked onto stage and took his seat on the couch. He waved and smiled at everyone.

He and the host joked back and forth and he told a few of his more interesting ghost stories, including the one with the fire.

"So sometimes there is no ghost."

"People see what they see." Isaiah said with a laugh. "If it's something paranormal, I'll deal with it but yeah - sometimes it not."

"How do you find the ghosts?"

"Well a lot of times they're right there out in the open, making a nuisance and scaring everyone but if they are hiding I have some special tools to force them out in the open..." he pulled out one of his scanners and did a demonstration.

"Well, any ghost in the studio?" the host asked with a laugh.

"Nope, all clear." Isaiah handed the scanner over so the host could look it over for a minute. They chatted about his family life and soon we were all showing up on the screen on the wall as the camera panned over to us. It came out that Isaiah was something of a drummer and soon he was sitting with the band, the drummer having given up his spot so Isaiah could play once with them.

All in all it was a fun night and Isaiah's fame grew. He was now recognized by just about everyone on the island. The kids were recognized as well sometimes - though not as often.

On their first day of a new school year, they were swarmed by other kids and a few parents on their way to the school bus. Aragorn and Eowyn managed to get through the crowd but Faromir - who looked a lot like his dad and was far too accommodating anyway - got stuck behind talking to people.

"Wait! Our brother - you have to wait!" Eowyn tried to explain to the bus driver. But the bus driver didn't listen.

Faromir finally go through the crowd to find the bus gone. He ended up riding a bike home. To this day I'm not sure where he got the bike actually, but the next day it was gone. He said he gave it to someone else.

Meanwhile, my pregnancy was knocking me out most afternoons when I usually tidied up around the house. More than once I felt the familiar tug of drowsiness and would end up sleeping on the couch.

Thankfully I had Eowyn to make up for my slack. She was obsessive about keeping things neat - to be fair she was pretty obsessive about everything. Everything she did had to be perfect or it would drive her crazy until it was.

When my pregnancy was nearing the end, Isaiah started getting calls from agents, publishers and producers almost every day. He told them all he wasn't interested but they weren't giving up.

"I got another call from that publisher - the one who wants me to write a book." he said, listening to me play. I wasn't very good but the baby always responded to the music.

"You should do it Isaiah, you have some great stories..." I said without turning to him, focusing on the music.

"I'm not a writer though." he protested.

"Okay then..." I paused as the baby made a particularly large and painful flip. A few minutes later I realized it wasn't just a flip..."Um...can you go get Mom?" I said, trying not to alarm him given his previous reactions to labor.

"Sure." he said and disappeared.

After he was gone, I slowly got to my feet and started for the stairs. Labor had come on with very little warning. Isaiah returned - without my mom - and realized what was going on when he saw me hunched over, grabbing my stomach.

"Ever the helpful one." I muttered. I waited for his panic to pass - as it always did -and then he found my dad to keep an eye on the kids when they got home from school and we left for the hospital.

Labor was fast and furious this time. I was barely in my hospital room when I knew it was time. The medical staff scrambled and the doctor made it into the room just as a nurse was handing me my new son. "Looks like I'm late." the doctor joked. After checking us both over he was gone again - he wasn't even there for five minutes but I bet he will get the most from the hospital bill.

We came home a few days later with a new baby boy - Theodin Taffity.

Aragorn, now in his pre-teen years, was not particularly interested in the baby. But Eowyn and Faromir adored him and would spend hours talking to him and playing with him.

My parents adored him as well of course - it had been a few years since we had a baby in the house so it was sweet to see my dad making baby talk to him and playing with him.

The publishers and the like didn't give up after Theodin was born and one of them suggested Isaiah using a ghost writer if he didn't think he could write it himself. They were a persistent bunch. But that's when Isaiah had a stroke of genius as he called it.

"But he's twelve..." I protested after he explained his plan.

"Well he's a better writer than me - he's a better writer than anyone I've read." he said.

"But he's twelve...I admit he's good..." I said, Aragorn had finally let us read some of his stuff and he was a very talented writer. But Isaiah was determined and presented the idea to Aragorn. Aragorn was thrilled and so the project began.

It took them almost until Aragorn's birthday to finish the book. We planned a small party at home for the occasion - both the completion of the book and his birthday. Aragorn wasn't home by five and I started to get a little worried. He called then and said he was going to spend his birthday out with his friends. "Is that okay Mom?"

I felt hurt inside but nodded. "Sure, have fun okay? Be home by curfew though."

"I will!" and the phone went dead on the other line.

I looked down at the cake and frowned. It was the first time I'd tried to make a cake without my mom's help and I'd been so proud of the outcome. Now he would never see it.

"Are you okay?" Isaiah asked, startling me.

"Oh! Yeah...Aragorn is celebrating his birthday with friends..." I explained, trying to sound unaffected by it.

"Oh." Isaiah said. He put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close. "Teenagers..." he said.

I nodded and picked up the cake. I put it in the refrigerator and then cleaned up the mini party set up. "I'll make some dinner - just another day..."

After everyone had gone upstairs to watch a movie, I pulled out the cake and cut myself a big slice to drown my misery with sugar.

Aragorn still wasn't home when we put his siblings to bed and he wasn't home when my parents went to bed. Even Isaiah crashed before he came home. I laid in bed awake, dialing his cell phone every ten minutes...but he wasn't answering.

I must have dozed off, because I was startled awake when the phone started ringing in my hand. I glanced at the clock - it was nearly 1AM! One look at the caller ID told me it wasn't Aragorn. "Hello?" I asked, trying not to sound too sleepy.

"Is this Ezri Taffity?" the voice on the other side. "We're calling about your son Aragorn." they said after I confirmed.

End Chapter


Isaiah's birthday to adulthood took place on a job

Colin Beckham from Crescent Bay...singing lol

That's an attractive look Ez lol

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