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Taffity Family Legacy

Generation 5, Chapter 6

My pregnancy was moving along quickly - too quickly it seemed. I wanted to enjoy every possible moment of it since my first pregnancy had been fraught with my own personal stress. My belly "popped" out a lot sooner than it did with Aragorn this time but all the pregnancy books assured me that that was normal since the body had already been through pregnancy. Still, there had been multiples in my family for several generations so I was a little worried that their might be more than one little bean in there. And I was right. At one of my appointments the doctor found not one but two little heartbeats.

Everyone was thrilled with the news and the house was thrown into a flurry of activity as we started rearranging rooms to accommodate three of them. It's not that there wasn't space - just had to arrange it accordingly.

Will kept reassuring me that as soon as he had his birthday, he would move out so Aragorn could have his room when he out grew the nursery. I tried tell him that that wasn't necessary but Will just winked and went back to doting on Aragorn - he loved his nephew. "That's right, you can have Uncle Will's room when you get bigger, it's all ready for a big boy like you..."

Since I was pregnant with twins, I felt like a house before I was even six months along. "Are you SURE you don't want to find out?" Isaiah asked for probably the hundredth time.

I was firm on this point - I did not want to find out what gender the babies were until delivery. No one understood my reasoning - fact is I don't know that I really HAD a reason, I just didn't want to know. We had a lot of appointments and a lot of ultrasounds because we were having twins and every time I had to remind them I didn't want to know. There were a few close calls but no one spilled. "If you really want to know, you can ask the doctor - without me there...just don't tell me!"

And he did just that. Then he and my mom started conspiring behind the door of the spare room - I suspected they were decorating the new nursery since there was no way we could fit two more cribs in Aragorn's room. I hovered outside the door a couple times, wanting a peak...but then Will or my dad would swoop in and steer me away. I think they were all in on it actually.

I'd like to say that Isaiah was calmer this time around for labor, that he kept his cool and carefully went about getting me to the hospital.

But I'd be lying if I did. To be fair, I did go into labor a little bit on the early side - I wasn't due for a bit over a month but given that we were having twins this was kind of to be expected. When he finally collected his wits, he called my mom in from the garden to let her know it was time so she could watch Aragorn and then he took me to the hospital.

My doctor and her team were waiting for me when we arrived and got me right into Labor and Delivery. A couple times the idea of a c-section came up because of how Baby B was reacting to labor but once Faromir (Baby A) was born, Eowyn calmed right down and followed her brother a few minutes later. We went home with a beautiful little girl and another little prince.

I finally got to see in the hidden room when I needed to put them down for a nap. "Okay - where are these little darlings sleeping?" I said with a smile.

Isaiah had Faromir and took me into Aragorn's room first. They'd gotten a crib exactly like Aragorn's and rearranged the room a bit so this was now the "Boy Room." After we tucked Faromir in and saw him close his little eyes, we tiptoed out of the room and across to the secret room.

Inside was a room filled with pink and purple and white - it was a princess's room if I ever saw one!


Will only invited one person to his birthday, his girlfriend Daisy. Those two had been dating all through high school and Mom was certain they'd get married before they were even twenty years old. I couldn't argue with her because it was likely. They seemed perfectly suited to each other.

Will took a few extra moments considering his wish and then leaned over and blew out the candles.

He moved out the next day and a week later we got a letter in the mail. He and Daisy had eloped and moved back to the mainland. Will wanted to be a musician and Daisy wanted to be an actress - there just wasn't much chance for major success here for those things. I had no doubt I'd see both their names in lights before long.

Eowyn and Faromir captured everyone's hearts - particularly their daddy. I knew that Eowyn would grow up to be Daddy's Little Princess and could probably pout to get her way with him - she had quite a little pout developed already.

The first nine months of their lives seemed to rush by in a flurry of diapers and laundry and more diapers. Between two infants and a toddler, Isaiah and I were constantly busy, even with Mom and Dad there to help out. Aragorn adapted well to his so much as he didn't throw toys at them or throw fits constantly. Thankfully there was almost aways an extra set of hands to play with him if I was busy with one of the twins. He and Dad spent a lot of time together actually - Dad showed him some of the old death, TOYS he'd made for us as kids. Like the metal whale that attempted to amputate your fingers...yeah that was a fun one. But Dad always paid super close attention to Aragorn and the toys so I wasn't too worried. Maybe just a little bit.

As the twins birthday got closer, I realized that if I didn't get Aragorn potty trained soon, I might never have the opportunity - he might go to kindergarten in diapers! So just a month before their first birthday, Aragorn and I started the very long, arduous process of learning to use the Big Boy Potty.

It took a few weeks before I felt I could stop reminding him every single hour but he got the hang of it and unless he was very wrapped up in playing, he always went to the potty on his own from then on.

The day of the party, I ran down to get the mail almost as soon as it had been delivered - Will had said he had sent some gifts and I was hoping they'd arrived on time.

"'Ello Ezri." someone said.

I knew that voice, I had buried it deep inside my memory over the years but as soon as he spoke, I knew that voice. I turned toward him slowly. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see that bad?" he asked

"Bad? Yeah you could say that. I'm married Jean...remember that boyfriend?" I explained, glancing around anxiously. I knew Isaiah was inside and probably sound asleep.

"But of course. I'm sorry to have intruded, I was here on business and you said you lived here..." Jean said, he almost looked sad and disappointed as he said it.

"I'm sorry Jean. I have to go..." I said.

"Oui, do you think...perhaps, we could meet later? As friends only of course...I do not know anyone else on the island..."

I shook my head, "I don't think that would be a good idea." I looked back toward the house again. "I have to go." I repeated and ran up the stairs. Aragorn was just inside the door wanting to be held. I watched from the window until he turned to leave and then stepped onto the porch with him.

"Where Daddy?" Aragorn asked.

"Asleep." I said, still watching as Jean walked away.

"No he's not, Daddy is right here." Isaiah said. I jumped a bit in surprised but smiled at him.

"What are you doing up already?" I asked.

"Have to do some research for a particularly nasty ghost problem." he said, kissing Aragorn on the head.

"You'll be back before the party?" I asked as he headed away from us.

"Wouldn't miss it." he said with a smile. "Have fun with Mommy little man." he said and waved.

Mom and I blew up balloons and baked cakes while Dad played with Aragorn. When I dropped another spoon, my mom looked at me curiously. "You okay Ezri?" she asked.

"Um...yeah, just anxious about having three toddlers." I lied, thinking about Jean and Isaiah all on the same island. Barnacle Bay felt very small suddenly.

"Only for a few months, Aragorn will be three soon - that's more pre-schooler than toddler." she said with an understanding smile. "But I did it with you and your sisters, I'm sure you can handle it."

Eowyn grew up with that black hair that seems to trace back many generations. Kira had it, my aunt Kaylee had it and so on. No one seems to know where it originated from but it certainly is a strong gene. Meanwhile, little Faromir had his Daddy's hair. The hair made all of them look distinct but when I looked at their facial features, they just looked so much alike.

End Chapter

" want that to go WHERE?!"

Isaiah is driving his laboring wife to the hospital! This is amazing to me because up until LN, it was always the woman in labor doing the driving lol


Daisy all grown up (Will's wife)

The infamous Jean


  1. Multie gender twins you lucky girl. You pop out these chapters. I love how the mystery of Aragorn's father is still very much alive. And the room you decorated for Eowyn was so cute! Great updates Cami.

  2. Thanks! My 6 year old stood over my shoulder "helping" me decorate Eowyn's room lol. She was very specific that the girl baby needed a princess-y room with lots of pink lol

  3. Three toddlers, that makes for a hectic household. Still can be fun though.

    Love the family conspiracy so she was unaware of the twin genders. Cute.