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Taffity Family Legacy

Generation 6, Chapter 7

"It's wonderful Faromir!" Tes said, looking over the house. It was a nice three bedroom house with a lot a features I liked about it. I particularly liked the location near a cliffside looking out over the ocean. And the sunset right behind the house so we would have a heck of a sight every night.

"Thanks, it's a ways from town but I kind of like that." I said with a smile.

"Well I think it will be perfect for you and the girls." she said.

"And you..." I ventured. We'd talked now and then about her moving in but never seriously. "I want you to be here too..."

"Oh Faromir..." she blushed.

"Come on, I'll give you a tour...the kitchen will win you over." I said grasping her hand.

"You know I don't cook much." she teased as she followed me into the house.

I showed her everything, taking my time and occasionally checking the time. The girls were still happily playing in the nursery when we got there.

We ended on the back porch. "Well then maybe the hot tub?" I said with a laugh.

"There's a hot tub?" she asked in surprise and spun around to see it. "Well now that is appealing."

"I thought so." I fumbled with the box in my pocket - still marveling that she hadn't noticed it there all afternoon. Before she turned around, I got down on one knee and pulled it out - nearly dropping it a couple times! "Tes..." I said.

She turned around and gasped. "Faromir..."

"Theresa. You have been my friend, my roommate, my confidant, my girlfriend...I'd like to add something else to that list, would you be my fiancée and my wife?

She was speechless - which I like to think is a good thing - but after a heart pounding moment, she nodded. There were tears glistening in her eyes as I pulled the ring from the box.

Both our hands were trembling a bit as I slid the ring carefully onto her finger.

She spent a few silent minutes staring at the ring under the glow of the setting sun.

"Do you like it?" I asked finally, unable to bear the silence much longer.

She grinned at me and nodded. "It's perfect. You're perfect and it's perfect."

"Good." I said, holding her close to me. "'ll move in with me?" I added with a grin.

Tes chuckled. "Yes, I suppose I will."


I helped Tes move from her apartment to the house the following week; she didn't have that much that needed a place in the house since most of her furniture had been rented with the apartment. I told her she was at liberty to change anything she wanted in the house though. "It's your place too." I pointed out.

"But it's already perfect." she protested.

We fell into a routine after she moved in. She worked some long hours being a resident and having to commute into town. During the day, I usually spent time with the girls.

Now that they'd mastered the art of walking, and were actually on their way to mastering the art of the potty - I focused on trying to get them to talk. The thing is they were talking...just not in any way we could understand.

Some days I had a teaching job so I would take the girls over to my parent's house for the day. I know Mom had been afraid that my moving out would mean she'd never see me or her grand children again and I didn't want that to be the case.

At the end of the day - or sometimes midday depending on Tes's schedule - I would make sure there was a meal for us to share. I wasn't a master chef or anything but I delighted in trying new things. The first time I tried my hand at sushi didn't end so well but maybe anchovy isn't really a Sushi fish eh?

Tes often had to bring work home like patient charts and various paperwork. There was a lot of paperwork to get admitted and discharged from a hospital I noticed. Most of which there wasn't time to complete in an emergency situation so it had to be filled in after the fact which led to more paperwork.

We realized the girls liked being near us even if they weren't playing with us so we'd gotten a few extra toys to keep downstairs in the office area. Azula in particular liked this arrangement because it meant she could always be near Tes.

Although Azula and I had our own bond - it was obvious that she adored Tes over any other person. I tried not to be jealous of that fact - all I wanted was for my family to be happy and we were. But still, there was a small part of me that envied their bond.

When it came time to put the girls to bed, Tes and I both put whatever we were doing on hold so that we could put them to bed together. Azula wouldn't go to sleep willingly without a good night kiss from Tes - which made the nights Tes worked graveyard particularly trying.

After they were in bed and all the work was done, the nights were peaceful. The back porch overlooked the ocean and being so far from the town; the sky was crystal clear with stars every night. So we often found our way outside and into the hottub. Even on the chilly nights, the hot, bubbling water would warm us up.

Her schedule was always in flux though - she often had to pull long or overnight shifts. Sometimes it felt like we'd gone days without seeing each other or she'd only be home for a couple hours before having to rush back out to the hospital again.

"Life of a resident." she said apologetically.

"It's okay, I get it." I said. "How long do you have this time?"

"About four hours..." she said, checking her pager.

"Four hours....okay...." I pulled her onto the bed with me and she giggled in response.

"Faromir...what about the girls?" she asked, glancing at the clock.

"It's six in the morning...they're still asleep." I argued.

"Oh...." she said, returning my kisses and touch. "Okay then...but you have to make me breakfast after." she said with a laugh.

"It's a deal."


The girls were almost five by the time we got around to actually planning the wedding. Between Tes's work and the girls - there just never seemed to be a good time. Since we wanted a lot of people from off island to come to the wedding, we decided to throw the girls a join birthday party the week before the wedding. It was much closer to Katara's birthday but I knew Eowyn and Will and other family wouldn't be able to come back in a couple months for Azula's birthday as well.

We got the girls a new playset for the yard and my parents bought them bikes. Eowyn insisted on doing their bedroom in a new big girl style. Everyone spoiled them in short.

We brought Katara to her cake first - she was the oldest of the two after all. The original plan was for Tes to take Katara and for me to take Azula. I know we had a logical reason for this when we made the plan but looking back, I can't figure out what it was. The moment I picked up Azula to take her to the cake she started fighting me and calling for Tes.

I didn't want to ruin her party so I handed her over to Tes as soon as Katara was done blowing out her candles and joined the others in cheering her on.

The girls barely took time to inhale a piece of cake each before running off to their play set. They stayed up there all afternoon and a few of their younger guests joined them now and then.

"Avast! I am the dread pirate Azula!"

"You won't be takin' my ship ya scurvy pirate!"

"Land ho!"

Azula was the first to abandon ship. For sometime she'd been eying the easel but we'd always told her she was too young...mostly I was afraid she'd try to paint the house purple or something. Now, when I saw her looking at it on the night of her birthday party, I handed her a new set of paints and brushes and was rewarded with a huge smile and hug.

"Well that was sweet" Tes said, coming up behind me.

"If she paints the house we'll just have to move or something," I joked.

We let them stay up far later than normal because it was a special day but eventually we called Katara in from the yard and Azula in for desk where the easel was.

"I'm almost done Dad!" she called back, putting the finishing touches on her painting. I didn't push the issue at first - I was willing to give her a few more minutes while we got Katara cleaned up.

"I get top bunk!" Katara called excitedly since she was the first into the room. Katara was already in her jammies and in the top bunk when Azula came in, still caked with paint.

"Why does she get top bunk?!" Azula whined.

"Cause I was here first!" Katara was gloating some.

"Come on Azula - go take a shower and get cleaned up for bed." I said, sending her off to the bathroom before a full fight could brew up.

It took a bit of scrubbing on Tes's part to get all the paint off Azula's hands and face but eventually both girls were tucked into their beds and sleeping.

We walked downstairs to confront the mess left behind by the big party. "Just think..." Tes said as she gathered up plates that seemed to be scattered everywhere - even in the bathroom! Who eats in the bathroom? "We get to do it all again next week for the wedding..." she had a bemused expression on her face.

End Chapter

Love the piano, and the display area behind him heh

So frikkin cute!

Not so cute lol

I love her :D

From the Proposal...just as the sun was setting, Faromir's phone started to ring

Aww clutzy Faromir hehe; I wanted this moment since I knew he was clumsy but NOOOO stupid frickin phone!

One of the extras

I think she's gonna eat him O.o

Learning to talk, Katara was looking at me like "Seriously? This is what you give me to work with?"


Katara is all cross eyed and in fugly clothes post-age up

Eowyn was very excited

The paparazzi in BB are freaky lol

House tour
Downstairs has an open floor plan

Upstairs at the top of the stairs is a bonus loft area

Master bedroom


There's also a third bedroom that wasn't decorated until the end of this update (the one with the bunkbeds)

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