Friday, December 24, 2010

Taffity Family Legacy

While I will ultimately pick the heir I like best for story purposes, I do like to know what others things. So here is the unofficial heir "poll" that I may or may not follow lol

Katara (Brave, Loves Outdoors, Commitment Issues, Athletic) (currently a teen)

*Though Katara is adopted and has no Taffity genes, I still consider her part of the family and a viable heir choice lol*

Azula (genius, evil, light sleeper, artistic) (currently a teen)

*Azula is Faromir and Nyaari's child*

Faromir and Tes's children:

Zuko (Loner, Neurotic, Ambitious) (currently a child)

Sokka (Family-Oriented, Clumsy, Perceptive) (currently a child)

Suki (Brave, Disciplined, Eccentric) (currently a child)

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