Saturday, January 22, 2011

Robby's Birthday Party

Today is my hubby's birthday so I decided to throw his simself a party in my game. It was attended by some of the finest people in the simming-verse. Enjoy!

Calling to reserve the hottest club in town - Elysium. I even paid extra for exclusive access. Didn't want any pesky EA mades showing up.

The birthday boy (Robby)

The birthday wife and party planner (me)

There was a pre-party gathering at Alex's apartment so we didn't have to cart a cake and all that to the club.

It's cake time!

Note to self, 16 people do NOT fit on one elevator lol

Alex showing his shyness ;)

Dancing at the club

After Alex cut out early, Terra was less than thrilled! "He did what?!"

Grace is apparently a very dramatic little simmie...

Party is wrapping up, I don't think he's happy about it

After everyone else cleared out, Robby and I had a little...well...:P


  1. LOLOL at the last bit.

    This is awesome I lubbet :D

  2. love it! Looks like a fantastic party! When are we going to do it IRL ^__^

  3. Great party! I'm glad I was able to attend! ;)

  4. Where's the darn "LOVE" button on these things?? XD This is so awesome! =D