Friday, March 4, 2011

Dusty Plains DitFT Objectives

This rainbowcy challenge is based on the Difference in the Family Tree challenge created by TheUsernameFound but I have modified the generation objectives somewhat to suit the story line I have in mind.

Generation 1: The Gardener.
"When you have nothing, you start with nothing and plant the seed - literally and figuratively."

-Grow garden with all plants from store.
-Get married, do not woohoo until marriage.
-No divorce.
-have at least 1 boy and 1 girl.
-master garden skill
-reach level 10 of gardener career

Generation 2: The Superstar.
"I never could get into that gardening thing, no one gets an Academy Award for watering the plants!"

-Obtain level 10 in Film career (either actor or director path)
-Master charisma skill
-Get married, woohoo, and have kid(s) (in any order)
-Become 5-Star Celebrity
-Woohoo with coworker/co-star/director

Generation 3: The Photographer.
"I barely knew my parents. Can you say abandonment issues? Still, she could make the desert sound gorgeous!"

-Master Photography skill
-Visit all three travel locations at least once
-Have photography studio to showcase work (can be on home lot or purchased community lot)
-Met and marry a foreigner
-Have at least one child

Generation 4: The Writer.
"They say a picture is worth a thousand words - me? I prefer the words personally."

-Master Writing skill
-Write at least 15 books
-Gain at least 10K in royalties
-Master Painting skill
-Paint at least 10 paintings
-Have at least one child

Generation 5: The Rock Star.
"Despite being a best selling author, my parents avoided the spotlight - well that's not me!"

-Master at least two instruments
-Learn all songs for mastered instruments
-Form band OR become a solo Singer. Get Gigs.
-Get tattoo
-Become celebrity
-Have at least three kids

Generation 6: The Suburbanite.
"I just want a simple life at home. Is that so much to ask for? I hope not!"

-Start a daycare
-Marry and have at least three kids
-Adopt at least one kid
-Reach max level of daycare business
-Teach toddlers all skills
-Help children/teens with homework
-Do not work (aside from daycare) until all children are in school

Generation 7: The Hacker.
"My parents were so clueless, wrapped up in their perfect little cookie cutter life, they never even noticed me! Not really anyway!"

-Master logic skill
-Begin hacking at a teenager
-Reach level 10 of criminal career (either branch)
-Pull pranks as a teenager
-Throw teen party if the opportunity arises.
-Stay out after curfew and get picked up by cops
-Have at least one child

Generation 8: The Politician.
"I was barely out of law school when I had to defend my parent in court. That's not how I want to start my career!"

-Master Charisma skill
-Reach level 10 of political career
-Host campaign parties regularly to raise funds
-Receive at least 10K in funds
-Steal from funds at least once
-Don't marry until adulthood so you can focus on career
-Have at least 3 children

Generation 9: The Party Animal.
"Being the child of the President isn't as easy as I make it look! It takes a lot of work to look like this all the time!"

-Only hold part time jobs
-Throw parties every other weekend
-Go out clubbing the other weekends
-Have drunken woohoo with at least three sims
-Have at least one child, do not teach them skills (others in household may)

Generation 10: The Mixologist.
"I started learning my trade from a young age - I rarely touch the stuff myself but I won't say no if people pay me for it."

-Master Mixology skill
-Master cooking skill
-Moonlight as a mixologist
-Buy a bar/club/lounge
-Renovate the bar in your own image
-Get married, woohoo, have kid(s)

Generation 11: The Occult.
"Mom and Dad always said to walk home from the bar with someone else at night - I guess I should have listened to them huh?"

-Get fed on by vampire
-Get turned to vampire
-Feed on someone else
-Master all base skills (hey you've got time!)
-Have at least 2 long term lovers
-Turn at least 1 person
-Have a child

*I may add in additional generations from the challenge later on after I consider the color order again.*

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