Saturday, April 23, 2011

Berry Sweet Casting Call

I need actors and actresses of the berry variety :D. All shapes and sizes, any and all colors. Not that hair and clothes can and will be changed to suit whatever they're doing at any given moments.

.SIM files are the only real method I can accept them because nine times out of ten, thingsd don't install right through the launcher.

Meet Blossom Sakura - a child and teen actress :P

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Please either post a link in comments (via mediafire or some such) or email the .sim files to camimh(at)gmail(dot)com.



  1. oh oh oh oh oh oh! I have the perfect sim! I'll be sure to post her some time today! ^^

  2. I look forward to see her Kitty :D

  3. When does the casting call end? I am going to made Berry versions of the triplets would they be ok?