Friday, May 13, 2011

Taffity Family Legacy: Generation 8 Heirs

(This is not a poll but I always like to hear the opinions of others so please feel free to speak up. lol)

The Potential Heirs


Percy was adopted at a fairly young age when both his parents passed away. Since then he has become dear friends with Godric, the first born Prince.

Traits: loner, genius, dislikes children, ambitious


Godric, twin to Rowena, is the heir to the throne of the kingdom but that doesn't mean heir to the legacy. He, Rowena and their cousin Bellatrix were all born on the same night when the King died.

Traits: loves the outdoors, good, virtuoso


Rowena and Bellatrix have been close practically since birth and have always been very girly and gossipy.

Traits: brave, perceptive, angler


Bellatrix is the daughter of Azula and King Thomas. On the night of her birth, her father died and shortly after Azula abandoned her. Thankfully Suki looked on her with kindness and she has been raised alongside her cousins as a Princess.

Traits: good, perceptive, kleptomaniac


Draco, twin to Hermione, has always been a bit particular about things - even as a toddler. As he's gotten older he's become a little defensive and mean about his peculiarness.

Traits: neurotic, brave, mean spirited


Hermione is the shyest of all the kids and the youngest. She's a little odd - a source of amusement and ridicule from her twin and brother Draco.

Traits: shy, excitable, eccentric

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  1. I would love to see Rowena or Hermione as the heiress. They're both so beautiful, and have quirky, fun personalities. My favortie out of that two would be Rowena.