Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Hauser Speed Legacy: Generation 8

There may or may not be excessive amount of kitty spam in this've been warned :P



Katniss met Liam O'Dourke - famous in song and story for plaguing the forums with his existance. He's also older than her parents...but what can I say? It was love...:P

Trapper is still a bit insane

Er...I think you're doing it wrong...

Liam's relationship with the hedgehog is bit unhealthy I think...

The one thing I LOVE about France is the Glowyflies

Uh-oh, can you say stowaway? :P

Told he was old...

Oopsy...I didn't actually mean for this to happen, it was just chance!

So after Liam's death, Katniss just couldn't stand to stay in Hidden Springs - and it was crashing CONSTANTLY! So they Legacy Island.

Katniss and the Kitty are pregnant

Kitty started laboring in the bathroom and then moved to the parlor, where she had two kittens.

Baby time....considering her husband was dead, I was crossing my fingers for boy girl twins...but I did bring his grave along with us just in case :P

Why yes she did drive herself to the hospital on her Kenspa

Er...i think you're doing it wrong Kat...



Even though I got the required boy and girl...I wanted another go and she got the Oh My Ghost Opportunity! So welcome back Liam!

Woot! Oh and Liam returned to the netherworld already...:P

She is her father's daughter, clutz!

Meeting the ghost of Puck...I'm not even sure how that grave has hung around through all the moves but whatever :P

Yeah still doing it wrong love.



I think she's a natural...

Jack is a cowboy

A boy and his horse


I don't think that's what you were aimin' for Jackie boy.

Bye bye Grammy Aqua! :(


Maybe you should go put on clothes...or something...just sayin'


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  1. Nice animal overload, there! I think I can wait a little longer to install Pets! :P

    Great picture spam, nevertheless! ;) Liam is a dud! :P (Oh, did I forget an "e" there? Nope, sure didn't) hehe