Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy First Contact Day!

Happy First Contact Day! Image Hosted by

First Contact refers to when two species meet for the first time - in the case of this particular nerdy situation we are, of course, referring to when humankind met their very first alien species (in Trek) - the Vulcans.

They met/will meet on April 5th, 2063 and as such, today, is the pre-versary of that day!

So I present you with Trek shirts for all your geeky sims! They use base game meshes and the only NON-Castable part is the emblem/shield. You can make the shirts any color or pattern you want otherwise. I did not do elders because…well I don’t really play elders for long and the clothes always look funky lol


The file includes:

Toddler (unisex)
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Child (unisex)
Image Hosted by

Teen (male and female)
Image Hosted by

YA/A (male and female)
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Go geek up those sims! :P

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