Friday, June 15, 2012

Roth University Casting Call

E.E. Roth University

Roth University is situated in a diverse community and is looking for students and faculty of all backgrounds to round out the fall term!

I need sims to populate this university. These sims will be used as background characters and extras in a story sometime in the near future.

The Rules:
  • Vanilla humans. This story does not include berries, supes, occult, etc. Just average, everyday humans.
  • Young Adult or Adult only please. If you create a faculty member, you can add a family if you like.
  • Sim can be a student, a faculty member or a townie. If you have a preference, please specify when submitting.
  • Background story and preferences are welcomed. I will do my best to incorporate these choices.
  • Custom content is allowed but please send links. I will do my best to include sims "as-is" but some alterations to hair/clothes/makeup may occur. I will NOT change genetics.
Deadline: At this time, there is no rush.

To submit a sim, you can drop a comment here with a link or email me at camimh(at)gmail(dot)com.

About E.E. Roth University
Roth University was initially a women’s college called Elsbeth Women’s College. The land was deeded to the community by Harold Roth, in honor of his lost love Evelyn Elisabeth Calhoun. He stipulated that the land must be used for a center of higher learning and Elsbeth College was born.
In time, those in power, decided to expand the college to accept both genders. Afraid that the original name would deter new male applicants, the Board decided to rename the college in order to form a new image. The E.E. is to remember Miss Evelyn Elisabeth and the Roth is in honor of Harold Roth.
The university is situated on an island in the middle of a large river that divides the town. On one side of the great river is the cityscape and more industrial side of town. While on the other side is historic downtown which lends a small town feel to the area. 
There are a multitude of living situations on or around campus and several major greek houses are represented on Greek Row. Academic programs range from Astronomy to Zoology in all major fields.

So come join us this fall!


  1. This is a sim that I've made for the University,it's young adult :)

  2. Wow, this looks like an actual college brochure! Very nice job, lady!! :D