Saturday, January 9, 2016

Project Unity: Season Three

Project Unity has a new home! Check out this exciting post over on the Project Unity Blog!
Chapter 2

Meng Asada pinched the bridge of his nose and leaned back in the Captain's desk chair. Though it gave a squeak in protest, he found the chair surprisingly comfortable. More so than the one on the bridge at any rate. That one came with expectations and awkward staring. How many days had it been now? Nine, maybe ten? He couldn't remember what time it was at any given moment much less the day. One sleepless night had blurred into the next until he subsisted entirely on the cold coffee that came out of the dysfunctional synthesizer.

After reading the same words a half dozen times, he tossed the data pad onto the desk and fumbled around the mess for the light controls. He felt over the lip of each button, silently counting until he reached the third one. After a few light taps the lights dimmed to twenty percent and he let his eyes close and waited for the inevitable interruption.

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