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Gabe and Genevieve: Chapter 3

Gabe and Genevieve: Chapter 3

When we last saw Gabe and Gen, Gen had announced her pregnancy to Gabe and Gabe had proposed to Gen in the evening on their hill.

The following morning was Monday so Gabe had to go to work. He kissed Gen, who was sleeping, on the forehead as he left. When Gen woke up in Gabe's bed, she found a sheet of paper on the pillow beside her. Sitting up, she took the paper and smiled broadly as she read the brief note:

"Gen, you're beautiful when you sleep. Love Gabe. P.S. You have an appointment at the spa at 10:30 if you're interested - Eric will take you. P.P.S. There's plenty of space in the dresser and the closet for your clothes, feel free to 'move in'."

Gen loved the idea of being pampered at the spa - even if it meant being in a small car with Eric for the 10 minutes it would take to get into town. She attempted to hop out of bed but her budding belly made the move more complicated. After she managed it, she went to the room she'd been sleeping in before to move her stuff.

As she was putting her clothes away she noticed several bags of maternity clothes, all with tags on them. "Where did he find the time?" she asked aloud with a smile. She picked a cute sundress and got dressed for the day. Glancing at the clock, she realized it was already 10 o'clock. She went in hunt of Eric. When she found him, she caught him glancing briefly at her small baby bump but he said nothing. She was pretty sure he saw the ring as well but still, he made no comments. He waited outside the spa during her appointment, reading and chatting with people as they passed.

Gabe had scheduled her for the best package so he knew she'd still be inside when he got off work. He came to the spa to relieve Eric of "Gen-Watch".

"Hey Boss." Eric said as Gabe approached.

"Eric. Thanks, I'll bring her home." Gabe said. Eric nodded and started to leave before Gabe called him back. "Hey Eric...Gen and I, uhm, I proposed to her last night..."

Eric nodded. "Congrats Gabe." he said with a small smile.

"I know you don't really care for her..." Gabe started to say.

Eric held up his hands to stop him. "Gabe, you're my friend and I'm happy for you." he paused "Besides, she's not so bad now that she's in the loop and...well happy."

Gabe smiled. "Thanks again, for keeping an eye on her."

Eric mock saluted him and headed back to the house.

Gen came out a little bit later feeling completely refresh. She spotted Gabe waiting for her and she felt even better. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss. "You spoil me - not that I mind of course." she said.

"You're worth it." Gabe said holding her close. "I've got news for you"

"Good news?" Gen asked hopefully. There had been a few too many bombshells lately. She relaxed when she saw he was smiling.

"I got a promotion at work. Lead reporter." Gabe said. He was showered with kisses from Gen in response. They hardly needed the money but he worked for the fun of it.

They went home and spent the evening hanging out together. Gabe broached the wedding topic first. "When would you like to get married?" he asked.

"I'd like to wait until after the baby comes I think" Gen said. "Not many wedding dresses will hide this bump."

Gabe nodded. "That's fine with me. We'll focus on the baby plans first then," he said with a smile. After Gen beat him a few times, Gabe conceded the chess game and they retired to the bedroom. Gabe had the next day off so Gen woke up snug in his arms. She gently moved his arm and slipped out of bed, then onto the deck. She'd woken up just as the sun was rising and the sight was peaceful. Gabe walked onto the deck and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her neck. "Morning gorgeous." he whispered in her ear.

"And how is our little babe doing this morning?" he asked touching her belly.
"He or she is very active. Feels like there's a whole litter in there." Gen replied with a laugh.

Gabe smiled and took her hand. He laid a kiss on the back of her hand. "Come on, I'd like to show you something." he said. He led her down the hall to the door of the room across from her old room - the one that was locked. He fished out a key and unlocked the door, opening it for her to go inside. Before looking in she looked at him "Gabe?"

"Go on." he said ushering her in the door. Gen looked around taking in a simple yellow nursery. The air felt full, like the room hadn't been opened in years. The furniture was an older style but it was classic. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "It's beautiful Gabe, did you...?"

Gabe shook his head. "No, I haven't been in this room in almost 20 years. This was my nursery and my sister's"

"You have a sister?" Gen asked as she ran her hand along the crib rail.

"Yes, I did. She died when she was six. Ronan..." he said trailing off.

"No!" Gen said remembering he'd mentioned that Ronan was Patrick's brother, a vampire. Gabe nodded. "I'm so sorry." she said placing a hand on his shoulder.

"After that my father locked this room up; my mother couldn't handle being here anymore. She went to live at the lake house. She stayed there until she died but she was in peace there - only happy memories." Gabe turned to look at Gen finally. "I miss my sister, always, but I don't want secrets between us and this is the nursery that's been used every generation for as long as my family has lived here. You can decorate it anyway you like." Gen pulled him into a tight hug in response.


Later that afternoon, a man came to the door.

Eric and Gen were playing chess together and NOT fighting so Gabe left them to their "bonding" and answered the door. He recognized the man and one of Patrick's human servants. "Alan right?" he asked.

"Yes Regent" Alan said. "I come with a message from Master Patrick." Gabe raised an eyebrow and said nothing. "He offers his congratulations on your upcoming child and marriage and requests the girl he is owed."

"Patrick failed to collect in time. She's Protected. Tell your Master that." Gabe replied.

Alan nodded, "yes Regent". He suddenly seemed nervous about returning to Patrick's house bearing bad news.

Gabe let him fret for several minute before inviting him inside to talk. Unfortunately for Alan, that conversation couldn't take place before Gabe her cries of pain from the living room, he left Alan standing in the hall as he ran to Gen's side.

"GABE!!!" she cried clutching her belly. Behind her Eric looked panicked - that was unnerving as Gabe had never seen that look on Eric's face.

Gabe called for a cab and he and Gen went to the hospital, leaving Eric to deal with Alan.

"It's getting dark out Alan, if you're not back at the house before Patrick rises it'll be worse for you." Eric said bluntly. Alan nodded nervously and shuffled out the door.

Meanwhile Gabe and Gen made it to the hospital with plenty of time. In fact Gen labored most of the night before their daughter, Nimoe, was born.

Unlike her sister, baby Morgana was eager to enter the world as she was born less than a minute later.

The new family of four went home and surprised Eric with the news of not one, but two babies.

After the girls were fed and bundled into their cribs, Gen and Gabe went to bed themselves - exhausted already from their first hours as parents to twins.

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