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Gabe and Genevieve: Chapter 4

Gabe and Genevieve: Chapter 4

Gabe had to go back to work the morning after the twins were born. His job at the paper kept him well informed about the goings on around town. Even supe news leaked in, reported as animal attacks or disappearances. When he got home he was eager to see all his girls.

Gen was loving being a mom. She found it hard to resist going in and waking them up just to snuggle or play with them.

It wasn't long before Nimoe and Morgana were turning into mobile little toddlers. They were keeping Gabe, Gen and Eric on their toes as they grew up.

Gabe was deep in an investigation for work and was working long hours both at work and at home. Gen was so absorbed with the twins that she didn't mind too much. Gabe made sure to shower her with kisses every night and compliments anytime he saw her. He promised the investigation would be over before the wedding.

Because of his busy schedule, Eric spent a lot of time helping Gen with the girls. They generally applied the divide and conquer technique, each taking one twin.

On the day before the wedding, Gabe was at work over twelve hours but he finished the investigation. His boss was so impressed with his work and dedication, he offered Gabe the lead anchor position with the evening news.

When the sun rose on her wedding day, Gen was giddy with excitement. After examining her whole face for blemishes, she couldn't resist making silly faces in the mirror as she bubbled with happiness.

Eric drove ahead to the wedding location, a nearby park and pond, to direct the chaos of the caterers. Half the town was employed in setting up this wedding in some way or another. Gabe and Gen walked from the house with the girls to the park.

When they arrived, most everything was set up and arranged. Gen helped get the girls dressed before retreating to a small dressing area with a couple of ladies to help her get ready.

Gabe and Eric stood together at the spot where they were going to exchange their vows. "Are you ready for this Boss?" Eric asked.
Gabe nodded, "I've been ready" he said with a grin.

Meanwhile, hidden from the guys and the guests, Gen was giddy with excitement.

Finally she heard the steady strums of the guitarist which was her cue. She stepped out onto the path and was seen for the first time in her wedding dress but Gabe and their guests. She smiled at him from across the park.

Nimoe and Morgana were both supposed to walk down the path in front of Gen but Morgana, being a toddler, didn't want to cooperate so Eric held her. Nimoe, however, loved being the center of attention and happily preceeded her mommy.

Halfway to Gabe, Nimoe stumbled getting the back of her dress dirty but she got right back up.

The sun had set and the moon was rising in the sky as Gen and Gabe met each other in front of their guests.

"Gabriel, before I came here, before I met you - I thought I was happy. But now, now I know I'm happy. You have made my heart feel whole and protected. On this day, I give unto you my heart, body and soul to love, cherish and protect." Gen said, a single tear of happiness rolled down her cheek as she smiled at him. She slid a ring onto his finger, "With this ring, I thee wed."

Gabriel took her hand in his and looked into her eyes. "Genevieve, when you entered my life, I didn't realize how much I'd come to love you. I didn't realize I could love one person that much and now you have given me two other precious girls to love. I can't imagine nor remember what my life was without you - nor would I want to. I take your heart, body and soul and give you mine to love and cherish." Gabe slid the ring onto her finger.

They held their hands together for a brief moment before they share their first kiss as man and wife.

The guests clapped and hooted as they finally broke the kiss. Well after the guests had stopped clapping, everyone heard a slow, mocking clap from across the park. They turned to find a party crasher at the gate. Eric was already in motion and Gabe turned to Gen. "Take the girls and get out of here. Now." His lips barely brushed her cheek as he scooped up one of the girls and handed her to Gen. Then he was following Eric at a run.

Eric and Gabe stopped several feet from Patrick, Patrick remained where he'd been standing with a curious look on his face. The three of them stared at each other across the gap.

Another moment passed and Ronan stepped out from the shadows, he took up next to his brother and eyed Gabe and Eric.

Gen had gotten the guests and Nimoe to a safe house and ran off with Morgana. The quartet was still eying each other - no one moving.

When the four of them were alone, the brothers approached Gabe and Eric.
"The girl is mine." Patrick snarled at Gabe.
"She was yours, you failed to collect her in time." Gabe replied calmly. "Now she's mine, and I don't owe you any debts." he added as a veiled threat.
"She is mine, and I will have her" Patrick replied with a deep growl.
"Over my dead body" Gabe replied.

"That can be arranged!" Patrick cried as he pounced on Gabe with cat like reflexes. At the same time, Ronan and Eric started their own fight.

Eric, full of rage toward the brothers, managed to beat Ronan soundly. He shoved a glove of garlic down Ronan's throat and Ronan convulsed several times.

Patrick and Gabe had just come out of a fight when Patrick saw Ronan on the ground.

"You killed my brother!" he roared as he lunged at Eric

Eric, already hurt from his fight with Ronan couldn't fend off Patrick. He clutched his wound and cried out in agony.

Patrick was actually giddy at the idea that he'd taken out "the great bodyguard" and mocked his death, enfuriating Gabe further.

Gabe attacked Patrick while his back was turned. Patrick's enhanced senses allowed him to react quickly enough but he lost a degree of footing.

As a result, Gabe won the fight but was unable to take Patrick out before he made a strategic retreat.

"She's mine Gabriel! I WILL collect!" he called out as he disappeared into the night.

Grim had come to collect both Ronan and Eric but decided to offer his congratulation to the bride as she emerged from the house.
"Um, er, well thanks" Gen said awkwardly, clutching Morgana tightly.

She made a careful retreat from Grim and took Morgana to Gabe so she could collect Nimoe. Gabe snuggled Morgana closely, trying not to break down.
"It's okay sweetie" he said softly to Morgana, more for himself. "it's okay."

Gen returned to Gabe's side with Nimoe. She looked passed him toward Eric, crumbled on the ground and quickly looked away. "I'm so sorry Gabe." she said softly.

She took his free hand with hers and they took the girl's home, the "party" had lasted well after it was intended too and both girls were practically falling asleep in their arms.

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