Monday, November 16, 2009


The Wedding.

Weeks before the wedding, I invited Tess over to look at a few maternity dresses for the wedding. Even though she was insanely pregnant, she was my best friend and would be in my wedding. My parents were visiting as well to "help" with wedding plans.

While trying on one of the dresses sent by the bridal shop, Tessa's water broke! My dad happened to be the first one on the scene when he heard the screaming...he wasn't really helpful.

I shooed him out of the room to call Alexander and with my mom's help, we got Tessa to the hospital where Alexander was waiting.

She was still wearing the dress and we ended up purchasing it because no amount of dry cleaning seemed to get it good enough to return to the bridal shop. We found out that she went into labor early because she had twin girls. They named them Alexis and Jillian.

The following week Alexander stayed home with the twins so my mom, my sisters, Tessa and I could go to the shop and try on dresses. They all settled on a bridesmaid dress quickly but my dress was a little more complicated.

See how excited my judging panel is?

Dress 1 (my mom's favorite)

Dress 2 (my sister's favorite)

Dress 3 (my favorite)

I ignored my judges and picked the one I liked most (hello, MY wedding). Although the day seemed like it would never arrive, the morning of my wedding was a beautiful, clear morning.

My mother the photographer kept trying to direct us for pictures but I'm not sure how many came out but I love this one of my dad and I.

And I manage to get ahold of Spencer before the wedding for a kiss - I know, bad luck and all but I didn't care then and I don't care now.

My sisters and Tessa were my bridesmaids and my dad and Alexander stood for Spencer's groomsmen. He hasn't met many people in town.

I was a bundle of giddy nerves while I stood outside the door leading into the hall. I couldn't believe this day was here or that I was about to marry the man of my dreams.

The walk

And then there I was, and there he was. I could have melted at the sight of him. He looked very handsome - of course he always does.

"Anya, You are my life, my love, my hope, My friend, my world, my song, The mirror of my unseen heart, The place where I belong." Spencer recited a poem as he slid the ring onto my finger. I think I heard and "awww" or two in the crowd.

"Love has given us wings, and our journey begins today, Spencer, wherever the wind may carry me,
I will stay by your side as your wife, Take this ring as a sign of my love." I said as I slid his ring onto his finger.

Then there was the best kiss we'd ever shared. The kiss that made us man and wife....


I imagine my dad had the best intentions here....

All my couple friends were there. There was a lovely spread for the reception.

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