Monday, November 16, 2009


The Honeymoon

One of the musicians at work suggested renting a house or villa for a week for the honeymoon and I really liked the idea of having the place to ourselves. Spencer agreed (while nibbling on my neck) so I did some research and found one a few hours away that looked beautiful on the website. We spent the night of the wedding in the old mansion where we had the ceremony (part of the package) and then traveled the next day. When we arrived, I was amazed - pictures didn't do the place justice.

Spencer's eyes, however, were on me. He soon pulled me into his arms for a long kiss

He scooped me up and carried me across the bridge.

We were met at the house by the rental agent who offered to show us around the house.

The tour was quick and ended in the master bedroom. Spencer and I looked at each other to the agent then back at each other. It was an awkward moment as he didn't seem to be ready to take his leave.

Eventually he excused himself and left the house. As soon as he was gone...

We did that a lot while there of course but let's move on to some of the other activities. We lounged on the deck overlooking the gorgeous lake.

We spent many evenings watching the sunset over the lake and then commencing with the kissing....

We talked about everything...
"So you like kids right?" I asked fiddling with his hoodie. We'd had this conversation before, even before the wedding. I was just thinking of family...

Cupping me face with his hands, he gazed into my eyes. "I do, I love kids." he said with a smile.

"Okay....good." I said with a grin. "So do I."

While I painted bad renditions of the beautiful setting

Spencer played with the VR Goggles

The week was almost over when I started feeling ill. The first day, I was just nauseous but it passed soon enough. But the day before we were supposed to head home I couldn't suppress it longer and ran past Spencer on the way to the nearest bathroom.

Spencer whipped off the VR goggles and tossed them on the couch to follow me. He knocked on the door lightly "Hon? Ahn? You okay?" when I didn't reply soon enough, he poked his head in and found me just getting up from the kneeling in front of the toilet. "Are you okay?" he asked.

I just nodded. "I think I'm fine. Just a stomach bug or something." I said as he pulled me into a hug. "I'm sure I'm fine." He leaned in to give me a light kiss but I pulled back. "Hold that thought!" I said with a smile as I stepped to the sink to brush my teeth.

Spencer insisted on waiting on me for the rest of the night. He tucked me in on the sofa and brought me soup and crackers and anything else I asked. We cuddled together and watched movies for the evening.

The following morning it was time to go and Spencer packed everything and loaded it all into the car. As we were leaving, we shared another long kiss in front of the house just like when we'd arrived.

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