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Taffity Family Legacy

Generation 4, Chapter 5

I was bursting with questions for Scotty but with the girls awake, it was impossible to ask him everything I wanted to know. They claimed our attention every minute of the day. For his part, Scotty wanted to make up for lost time and didn't want them too far away from him.

But eventually night fell and it was time for all the little ones to go to sleep. Scotty hovered behind me as I went through their bedtime routine. When they were finally all asleep, we slipped out of the room quietly and I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck. I refused to let go, even after several minutes, so he scooped me up in his arms and carried me into our room. Once we were laying in each others arms, I looked him in the eye and reduced all my earlier questions to one. "How?" I fought back the urge to cry.

"You'd have to ask your dad." Scotty said with a small smile. Then he started kissing me.

I really didn't need to know much more than that but I found out later that my dad had committed enormous resources to rescuing Scotty. He had a number of advisers telling him that one scientist wasn't worth it; but he persisted - back by the military - and they brought Scotty home.

Scotty wasn't ready to go back to work officially, in fact I noticed he tended to steer clear of the base and even the workbench. Instead he spent as much time as possible with the girls. And they had quickly become a unit; where one was, there were usually the other two.

Of course eventually they had to nap and sleep. Then it was all about making up time with me. "You know we still have a wedding to plan." he said one night after we'd put the girls to bed.

"Can we just go down to city hall?" I asked, the thought of some big affair like that seemed exhausting. "Hey maybe Dad can marry us...he's the president after all." I said with a giggle.

Speaking of my dad, even with Scotty home, he was at work a lot. Elections were constantly "just around the corner" so he was always having to campaign for himself or for others it seemed. He'd grown weary in recent years though and his age was slowing him down. I wondered, not for the first time, if he'd considered retiring.

He usually got home after all the girls were asleep. After changing, he'd slip in and wish them all good night. I was sad to think that the only time he seemed to see them they were asleep.

The triplets had been in the hospital for their first Halloween, but for their second we all got dressed up - minus Dad since he was working. Ezri was a pink bunny, Annika was a panda bear and Kira was a teddy bear.

It took Scotty several months to go back to really working on his inventions, even just dabbling at home. Going back to working for the military took him even longer. As the months passed, I'm sure they became impatient to have him back and the calls became more frequent.

I honestly did try to plan a wedding but between the triplets destroying every bridal magazine I brought home and just never having the time to really call or go anywhere for it, it didn't work out that way.

Instead Scotty and I got got married on the beach at sunset with our family and a few friends.

Mom passed away shortly after the wedding and in some bizarre way it seemed to be the kick in pants that Scotty needed to really get back to work. He even returned to the base now and again. Before long he was back at his table at all hours of the night just like he used to be.

After a few weeks of this, he came bursting into our bedroom at about five in the morning and shook me awake. He was grinning from ear to ear and dragged me down the stairs to see something. As we stepped onto the back porch, he covered my eyes with his hands and led me down the stairs to the work area carefully. When he removed his hands, there it was....there "he was...

Data Taffity

"You invented a robot...." I said, staring at the metal being.

Scotty grinned and nodded his head happily. He started giving the bot instructions and aside from the awkward walk and the mechanical voice, he seemed almost human. was a robot....

Between Scotty's abduction and return, Dad's presidency, Mom's passing and now Data - it was becoming impossible to go around town without people trying to talk, commiserate, whatever. So Scotty and I started considering moving away from Oz. It was a scary prospect, leaving behind family and so much family history. There was another island not too far away that was much quieter than Oz that we started looking at. One day Scotty came to me with two pictures, one of an empty lot near a gorgeous waterfall and one of a house built on the same lot.

"I talked to a builder...this was what she proposed for this lot over on Barnacle Bay...what do you think?" he asked.

"It's gorgeous!" I said looking over the house. "So you're set on this right? Moving?"

"If you are..." he said carefully. I nodded and smiled. We shared a quick kiss and he ran off to make the calls.

It took over a year for the house to be built. My sister Zoey and her family came to live in the old house on Oz with my dad. He couldn't leave since he was still the President but he was getting very old and we didn't want him to be alone.

The first big event we had in Barnacle Bay was the triplet's birthday party. I couldn't believe they were going to be five and going off to school!

We actually hadn't finished furnishing and decorating all the rooms in the house. When I'd originally decorated the downstairs bedroom suite, I'd intended it to be for my dad - I was hoping he'd retire finally and move with us. Since our upstairs suite wasn't even close to being done, Scotty and I took the room.

The girls' room hadn't been completely finished either since we knew they'd be growing up soon and might have their own ideas on decor. When we took them to the store, I expected them to come back with butterflies, princesses and fairies...not three forms of pirate bedding! Still, I'd agreed to let them pick their own they did...

The schools in Barnacle Bay had uniforms so when the girls all came downstairs dressed alike that first day, the mommy in me went "D'awww" and I lined them up on the porch for pictures.

"Mooooom!" Annika whined.

Just then the bus honked from below and they darted away, relieved to be free from my camera I think.

I spent the rest of the day trying to get my new garden started. I missed some of my old, grown, plants and hoped that Zoey was taking good care of them back home. But I'd brought some of the seeds, harvested from my very own garden, with me when we moved and used them to pick up where I'd left off.

When the girls came home from school, they were chattering excitedly about everything that had happened and ran off toward the house. "Homework!!" I called after them. The excited chatter quieted a bit but when I came inside a bit later they were all working on their homework in the dining room.

And Data...he'd come with us to Barnacle Bay and was turning out to be quite an asset to the family. He didn't wander outside the house much - Bots weren't exactly an every day sighting and the last thing we wanted was another press circus in our new home. He stayed in the house and helped with keeping up the appliances, he read and helped the girls with their homework. Aside from the random talking to the coffee maker or computer now and then, he really was part of our family.

A few months after our move, I woke up feeling ill. "You okay hun?" Scotty asked me sleepily as I fought the urge to throw up.

"Mmmhmm." I muttered, not really trusting myself to speak much. I tried to go back to sleep...I hoped if I fell asleep, the feeling would pass and I would feel better in the morning. But it didn't work.

End Chapter

Potty training

Panda for Halloween

Triplets playin

Digging up the beach

The grim coming for Padme :(

The girls off exploring the new house lol

The rec room

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