Friday, March 18, 2011

Dusty Plains: Generation 1 Heir(ess) Vote

Y'all know I don't like to make these things official - I like to give myself an "out" in case my own favorite isn't picked but *fingers crossed*, this is an "official" heir/heiress vote for the Dusty Plains Rainbowcy.

Rum Dust

The first born of Cin and Val, Rum hasn't had an easy time of it. He's a practically afraid of his own shadow and feels a bit like an outcast in his own family lately. In the virtual world, however, he's able to ignore his real life awkwardness and could become king of the castle. But can he step away from the computer long enough to see life happening all around him? To find love?

Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Clumsy, Coward, Hot-Headed
Current Life Stage: Teenager

Windsor Dust

Where Rum is a geek, Windsor is a nerd. Yes there is a difference. Windsor wouldn't know fun if it hit him right upside the head. He can and will bury himself in books and be perfectly content there. He doesn't like most other people and he doesn't like messes. Social awkward would be the understatement of the century when it comes to poor Windsor - but maybe he can overcome all this. As heir he would have to - at least once.

Traits: Loner, Grumpy, Neat
Current Life Stage: Child

Amethyst Dust

Unlike her twin brother, Windsor, Amethyst knows a thing or two about having fun. She may know it all too well. If she had her way, she'd spend all the days of her life at the beach enjoying the beautiful outdoors and getting a tan (so to speak). She likes to surf and play sports - when she's in the mood. You see, she's also a bit of a bum at times and can often be found spread out on a lounge doing absolutely nothing. Still - chance seems to favor her and the right opportunity may just fall out of the sky.

Traits: Couch Potato, Loves the Outdoors, Lucky
Current Life Stage: Child

Minsk Dusk

Minsk is a all around good sort. He's friendly to just about anyone he meets and is very laid back. Trivial problems just don't seem to bother him as he has great confidence that it will all work out. If left to his own devices, Minsk is just as likely to camp out on the beach as to find a comfortable bed or to fire up some veggies on the pit as to cook an actual meal.

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Friendly
Current Life Stage: Toddler

Violet Dust

Violet loves television and movies! She's spent much of her life camped out in front of the TV or waiting in line for the newest blockbuster. While she has her fan favorites - she really adores just about every genre and is itching to get out of Sugar Valley. The bright lights and movie stars call to her - but will she make it? Does she have the talent or the drive? And will fame turn her sour?

Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Good
Current Life Stage: Toddler

Haiti Dust

Haiti, like Rum, is a bit of an oddball in his family. His purple and white hair makes him stands out a bit amongst the others and he's also not a twin. The baby of the family, he spent most of his life having others tell him he was too small or too young to do anything but this observant berry can read between the lines. He knows most of the others view him as an odd sort and tend to leave him to take care of himself. Rum is a bit of an exception - these two have formed a bit of a bond as the only singletons with two sets of twins. That and they're both clutzy as heck!

Traits: Clumsy, Perceptive
Current Life Stage: Toddler

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  1. Thanks for the votes :P Got 'em :D

  2. Amethyst all the way! :)

    (though if you are doing a DITFT and your next gen. is business, I'd like to change my vote and have it be Windsor!)

  3. I'm doing a sort of DitFT but have altered the order of the generations (but kept the challenges for the most part) to better suit the family. They still have to max certain skills and all that.

  4. Violet!!! She looks awesome!! Haiti is my second. :D

  5. your blog is so amazing, i love the way you write and your pictures are beautiful! this is definitely my favourite sims blog.
    i've just started writing myself, check it out if you want to :)