Monday, March 21, 2011

SimCity Metro Hospital

This is a Community Lot, it does NOT replace the EA Rabbit Hole hospital but it can be great for pictures, scene set ups, etc. Enjoy!

The SimCity Metro Hospital contains all of the newest and best medical technology. It does not contain ANY 3rd Party Custom Content but does use stuff from the EPs, SP and EA Store.

Main Entrance; includes admissions desk, waiting area and small cafeteria

Also on the ground floor is the ER and Trauma Center; the nursing station

A dedicated waiting area for family and friends

Multiple bays for patients

Two ICU units

An exam room for less emergent cases

Two trauma procedure rooms.

The second floor has a walkway that overlooks the entrance

Labor and Delivery nursing station

One of two Labor, Delivery and Recovery rooms (each includes a crib as well)

A kid friendly waiting room and/or day care center for the children of the staff

Scrub room that looks onto one of the two operating rooms on this floor. (the other OR also has a scrub room)

Operating Room 1

The NICU for those babies that need just a little extra care after birth

The third floor contains the following:
A staff lounge

Adjoins the staff locker room

An office

Two nurses' stations/hallway

The third and larger OR

It has an adjoining scrub room and observation gallery for those learning interns and residents.

There are also two very small on-call rooms because the hours are long being a doctor. The helipad adjoins the third floor and critical patients can be taken directly to the third floor OR.

A final few of the hospital; you can see the small outdoor eating area for those patients or doctors



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  1. I would love to download this gorgeous hospital, would it be possible for you to re-upload it (both of the mediafire links are dead)?