Saturday, November 5, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Chapter 3 Excerpt

A/N: Excerpt from Chapter 3...:P


"Nurse Light!" he called out to Jenny as he neared her. She spun around in surprise at the sound of her name. Russ slowed his trot to a long stride as he closed in. "Weren't you on duty last night Nurse?" he asked, flashing her his best smile.

"Yes." she said simply. It wasn't short but it was direct – not a great start but workable in Russ's mind. "Another nurse called out. I volunteered to take her place."

"A hard worker and generous, what more could I ask for in a nurse?" he asked with an impish grin.

"A few things I imagine, if the hospital gossip is any indicator." Jenny replied with a wink. "Sorry, doctor, I'm on my way to see to the patient in 23. Besides, I'm not really into interns."

Russ grimaced, clearly his reputation had preceded him in this case. He glanced down at the random chart he'd grabbed in his haste and luck favored him. "You mean Mr. Carlin?" he asked holding up the chart. Thank the stars he'd chosen a small, rural hospital to serve out his internship.

Jenny narrowed her eyes at him and snatched the chart away from him. "Yes..." she admitted with a frown as she skimmed the first page. She shoved the chart back into his chest with annoyance.

"Ouch." Russ mocked. He pouted and rubbed his chest as if she'd actually hurt him but this only served to piss her off more than before. Unwilling to look a fool, Russ opened the chart as they walked and read over things quickly. "So, if you aren't into interns, what are you into?"

Jenny sighed and shook her head. "Not you."

"You don't even know me!" Russ protested, glancing up at her for a moment as he continued to read and walk. "If you took a chance..."

"No thanks, don't need to know anymore than I already do Doctor." she began fidgeting with her hair, tugging it into a tight ponytail. She stopped in her tracks and turned toward him, putting a hand on his chest to stop him as well. "Use 'em and lose 'em is not my type. So just get over those fantasies now."

Russ quirked an eyebrow at her use of the word fantasies and had to bite his tongue to keep from saying something that might get him smacked by the luscious Nurse Light. "Maybe I'm just..." But he wasn't able to finish his sentence as the whole hospital seemed to jerk violently and the sound of battle raged outside the doors. Instinctively Russ grabbed Jenny and pulled her into the nearest doorway and braced against her. "I'm not making a move, just so you know...." he whispered in her ear. The world seemed to still be tearing apart just beneath their feet.


  1. I've been reading your snippets of the novel. So far, I love them and you keep me wanting to read more. :)

    Good luck for Nanowrimo!

  2. Gah! You're tearing my world apart by taunting us with snippets! ;)

    Each snippet makes me pine for the whole story even more! *cracks whip*

    Lovin' every word, Cami! :D

  3. I love this!! I agree with Rob./ :D

    Keep it going, Lady! You rock!