Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Chapter 4 Excerpt

A/N: You know the drill lol, chapter 4 excerpt. If you haven't noticed by now, these early chapters each introduce new "major" characters.


"Give me my doll back!" The two younger Swanson girls had been squabbling over toys endlessly for the last twenty-four hours. It was grating on Amy's very nerves and she whirled around to snap at them but the words never left her mouth. Beyond them, her eyes were glued to the backdoor where a tall, dark blue man was looming. His eyes were as black as coal as he looked past the glass and in on their little family.

When he noticed her staring, his face twisted into an unmistakable expression of malice. "D-d-daddy!" Amy raised a trembling hand out and pointed at the alien as she backed further away. He sisters were the next to spot him and their screams ripped through the little farm house. She motioned them over quickly and tucked them between herself and wall.

George's hand was on the closest useable weapon in a flash but he faltered as the alien touched the door knob. To everyone's surprise, the lock began to slowly twist itself and then the door creaked up slowly. The blue alien cocked his head to one side, observing the fear radiating off the family and crooked a finger toward Amy. For an inexplicable reason, her two younger sisters poked their heads out from behind her and started stumbling toward the creature, though their eyes were full of terror!

"No!" Amy shouted, reaching out from them to pull them back. They jerked away from her, still intent on their destination. George and Ellen looked on in fear, seemingly petrified and unable to move to protect their children from making a fatal mistake.

"Run Amy!" George croaked out. He turned his head toward her, his gun still pointed at the alien. She could see his finger twitching as if he wanted to pull it so desperately but was meeting some sort of invisible barrier. "Run!" he whispered fervently.

In an almost invisible movement, the alien whipped a hand around and had George Swanson's throat enclosed in a vice grip with his long, spiny fingers. Amy fell backwards, creeping toward the front door and feeling for the door knob that had to be there. As she turned it, her daddy's face was a ghastly purple shade and she had to fight the impulse to run toward him. She threw open the door and ran out onto the porch, pausing to beckon the rest of her family but none of them even acknowledged her. It seemed to have the locked in some sort of a trance!


  1. *sings* "I want more, more, more..."

    You are such a tease! :P

    I'm trying to piece the snippets together to formulate some sort of order, but failing miserably! :P

  2. Oh No!!! Poor Daddy :(

    I hate the snippets. :( But I love them so much!!

    can't wait til I can buy this in a major Book Store. ;)