Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Roth University: Now up for Download

For more pictures, see this post.

Welcome to E.E. Roth University!

Roth University, home of the fighting llamas, is situated in Riverview, Simerica. Nestled between two branches of the great river, the core of the University occupies the island. Over time, the school has pushed beyond it's borders though! 
When you're not in class, there's a charming Old Town area or the more gritty and exciting Downtown to visit! Living options include dorm living, Greek living, apartment life or suburbia - to fit all lifestyles of our faculty and student body!
  • This is a SAVE file, to install, place RothUniv.sims3 in your Saves folder.
  • You will need Riverview to run this save.
  • The lots in this save were built using World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets and Showtime Expansion Packs. Yes they are necessary, if you don't have one or more of these, I can't promise the save will work correctly.
  • The lots in this save were also built using High End Loft, Fast Lane, Outdoor Living, Town Life and Master Suite Stuff Packs. I don't think they are NECESSARY but objects will get replaced if you do not have these packs.
  • The lots in this save were built using EA Store Content that is too numerous to list. Again, they are not NECESSARY but objects will get replaced if you don't have these sets. I recommend the Bah Haus set in particular because it was used across multiple lots.
  • In the CC folder, you will find the packages or sims3packs of what I consider to be the more important CC in the save. The Cornices, the terrain paint, the windows, the skylights and the neon letters are all exterior so I highly recommend including these for everything to look "right". You will also find a text file with links to sources.
  • I tend to build for aesthetics as opposed to functionality since I use my lots for story telling purposes. As a result you may find some minor pathing issues.
  • This save is UNPOPULATED!
  • Please do not upload any of the lots included and claim them as your own. 
The Breakdown of Lots
Residential: 46 total; 39 with buildings, 7 empty
  • Dorms: 5 (each can house at least 8 students)
  • Greek Houses: 6 (3 sororities, 3 fraternities)
  • Apartments:  9 (3 high rises, 6 in complexes)
  • Townhomes: 4
  • Single Family Residences: 15
Community Lots: 59 Total
  • Old Town Area: 14 (2 empty)
  • University: 24
  • Downtown Area: 8
  • Misc: 13

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