Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dusty Plains: A Crossover Rainbowcy

Generation Three Heir Vote

Dusty Plains is in need of an Heir Vote! After fifteen long chapters, Zuli finally settled down and ((spoiler)) had babies with Lochi! Lots of babies - three sets of twins in fact! 

First came a set of twin boys - Pelorous and Astral. Conceived in China during their early romance, these two were a handful for the new parents after all the drama during the pregnancy. Still - they’re good looking young men now and have a beautiful mix of colors spanning the generations. Both carried over Lochi’s skin tone while picking up Mirage’s blue and some of Violet/Val’s purple. 

The second set of twins were a boy/girl set. Matisse and Calypso should have been a little bit easier, given that our parents have a bit more experience, but Calypso has been a bit of a grump since the day she was born! At first, I thought Matisse had picked up Lochi’s aqua eyes but they’re actually CAS generic color. In fact, color wise - he’s got nothing of Lochi in him but he’s a good looking Young adult. Calypso may have Lochi’s hair color but I think she’s got Mirage’s personality (and that’s not a good thing!)

Finally, they had a set of twin girls. Danube and Juniper, like their older sister, brought forth Lochi’s hair color but kept with the traditional grey skin tone the Dust heirs have had since the days of Cinder. Both pretty young women, I suspect Juniper will be some fun trouble with that insane trait coming in from birth! And aside from skin tone, Danube’s coloring is ALL Lochi - including the gorgeous aqua eyes!

Soooooo, who do YOU think should be the heir for generation four?

Please drop your opinion in the comments :D

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