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Anya's Story - Part 2

My friend Sierra called me to invite me to a dinner party for Thursday night. She happens to know my work schedule so she knows I had the night off - I suspect trickery is afoot! Regardless, I had no excuse to give her so I agreed hoping for the best. You see, I adore Sierra but she's married. Most of her friends are married so usually gatherings at her house include all couples - and me, the uncoupled. But I couldn't lie to her, she knows me too well.

When Thursday night rolled around my bed was piled with clothes. I knew it was a night for dressing up and I have plenty of evening clothes - and yet I'd rejected my whole wardrobe. Tessa came over after I called her. She wasn't going to be by my side at the party as she had a writer's conference (traitor!). She looked over the mess on my bed and scooped out one dress handing it to me. I'd already rejected it three times but agreed and got ready while Tessa left (traitor!).

Sierra and Lance had a wonderful spread of food laid out that night. I was the first one to finish eating - perhaps because all the happy, googly eyed married couples were so busy being googly eyed they neglected to eat.

Okay maybe they weren't that bad but it was awkward. It didn't help when Sierra confessed that she'd invited a man from work - a single man - to be there "with" me but he had canceled at the last minute. So not only was a I stood up, I was stood up for a blind date I didn't know I was having. Fab...just fab.

When one couple (a practically engaged couple!) turned their attention to me I was already done with the evening.

And then Rob took the opportunity to become ACTUALLY engaged to Story - in front of me. I'm happy for them, really I am. I swear. But really? I'm happy for them....see, this is me smiling.

The touchy feely, lovey dovey stuff didn't stop with Mr. and Mrs. Engagement either. As the night wore on I felt like the 7th wheel on a triple date. Rob and Story barely acknowledged anyone else was there. Lance and Sierra disappeared into the house in the middle of the party and I didn't see them again before I left. And Ash told me in whispers that she thought she might be pregnant. Will couldn't keep his eyes (or hands) off her - no wonder she was pregnant.

[img width=614 height=480]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y34/CamiJadzia/The%20Sims/Anya/dinnerparty1.jpg">

[img width=614 height=480]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y34/CamiJadzia/The%20Sims/Anya/dinnerparty2.jpg">

I left before everyone else but it was still late (or early depending on how you looked at it). I went home and sat on the old swing set in back of the house (a playground left by the previous owners). Being in the music industry, I was used to late nights and wasn't ready for bed yet even though the sun was creeping into the sky.

"I cannot by jealous of my friends!" I said aloud as I sat, gently swinging. "I am not jealous, I am not bitter....okay maybe I'm jealous but I won't be bitter. I'm happy they're happy."

My resolve was tested when I woke up the next morning (er, afternoon) and read the paper.

Apparently Rob and Story had gotten married very quickly and on my beach no less...well the beach under my cliff. Had I been awake I probably could have seen them. Maybe it's a good thing I was asleep.

[img width=359 height=480]http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y34/CamiJadzia/The%20Sims/Anya/Screenshot-2804.jpg">

A few weeks passed and none of my friends got engaged, married or popped out spawn. I was pleased and enjoying work. I opted to ignore the fact that another month had passed without a date, or a prospect. On one of my days off, Tessa invited me to the beach - it was a beautiful day so I agreed.

She neglected to mention that she'd invited someone else as well. I was lounging while Tessa claimed to go get some drinks for us when a shadow fell across me. "You're blocking my sun." I said with a smile.

"Eh?" a male voice replied. He looked at me intently. "Are you Anya?" he asked, his eyes roaming my body.

"That depends on who's asking" I replied catching his eyes with mine.

"I'm Franz, Tessa..." he started to say before I cut him off with a string of mumbled curses.

"Mind if I sit?" Franz asked nicely enough.

I glanced around for Tessa - she seemed to have vanished into thin air when Franz appeared. (Traitor!) "I don't see why not." I finally replied.

We chatted for awhile but seemed to disagree on everything. I caught him rolling his eyes a few times and finally gave up on this minor set up. Tessa was going to have some 'splainin to do. "Franz, I'm sure you're a nice guy..."

I was cut off as he attempted to kiss me. I pushed him away quickly. "Ugh! Don't! So not cool!!"

His marginal reply was thankfully cut short when my phone rang. Normally I despise people who answer their cell when they're in the middle of a conversation but inwardly I thought 'saved by the bell' as I snatched my phone from my purse.

I could have sung in the hills when I heard a familiar voice from one of the local orchestras. They needed a fill in for the evening performance and called on me. "I could kiss you!" I said to the guy on the other end of the line. I quickly glanced at Franz and shook my head sternly. After the call ended I told Franz I had to go, neglected to give him my phone number or any promise to contact him. After he left I called Tessa and gave her a strong talking to about setting me up and not warning me. "Bad form Tessa" I said with a laugh in my voice. She knew I'd forgive her before we even hung up the phone (and I did).

Then I ran home to get ready for the evening. Does today count as a date? It may not have been good but....no, no I don't think it counts....

When I arrived at the theater, I was thrilled. Even though I didn't normally work on Thursday nights, I was honored to be asked. I almost guaranteed I'd never be asked again when I saw Adam (yeah THAT Adam) in the audience. I choked and almost stopped playing mid-song as I watched him stroke his wife's arm. Wife...wife, ugh, he's married! Thankfully I recovered before anyone noticed my lapse and ignored him the rest of the night. I tried to leave the theater quickly to avoid seeing him at all but was across the street waiting for my car from the valet when he strolled out alone. He caught my eye and looked like he was going to come over for a moment before he thought better of it. Just as well, his...wife...came out a few moments later.

On my next day off, Sierra invited me to the park with her and Lance. She said she wanted me to meet a friend (at least she told me beforehand). As it turns out he was the same one who stood me up for the dinner party. I tried not to hold that against him...

"So Drew, what do you do?" I asked casually - work was usually a safe topic right?

"I'm a writer." he replied. "I met Sierra at a writer's conference" he added as his eyes strayed to Sierra...married Sierra. He was looking at her in a way I couldn't approve of.

"She's married." I said coldly.

"Hmm?" he said glancing back at me. "Oh yes, yes I know. Married. Of course."

"Well, yeah - it was....nice...meeting you." I said and walked away from him. I wasn't sure where I was going to flee too when I spied Tess and my sister Inara arrive at the park. "Thank goodness" I said under my breath and headed for them.

Tessa came over to drink some colorful drinks with me (a ritual of ours). While we were out back relaxing I realized she was in no fit state to drive home (and it was already 3AM) so I told her stay the night. She had half her wardrobe in my guest room closet since she stayed over so often.

After waffles in the morning I suggested she might move in since she lived her half the time anyway. She agreed without much thought and we laughed that we'd never really considered the idea before.

While she arranged to move her stuff over, I checked the mail and found THREE birth announcements sitting in my mailbox. Three...I figured I'd utilize my day off to offer my congratulations and bought a few baby gifts before heading over to Ash and Will's first. Ashley was napping when I arrived but Will introduced me to baby Octavia. Will was absolutely enamored with her.

I left my gift and told him to have Ash call me if she needed anything. I would have stayed longer but I had two more babies to visit so I made my apologies and left. Next I went to Rob and Story's house - I'd only met them at Sierra's party but Story worked late at the Bistro and I often stopped by after work. We'd gotten to know each other so I knew she was pregnant.

They had a little boy named Micah who was so very cuddly. Ooh I think my biological clock sped up when I held that little boy.

Finally I went to Lance and Sierra's house to see their baby - a darling little girl named Tisha. Lance, a doting father, had apparently not slept in days because he crashed almost as soon as he handed the baby to me - I think he was thankful for the relief but didn't say as much (he was asleep).

After all the baby-ness I was ready to go home and drink colorful drinks with Tessa. I swung by her old house to see if she had anything left to move and found my sister (and her old roommate) Inara. She immediately started telling me about the great date she'd just come home from....yeah thanks sis, so not what I needed today. I left as quickly as I could!

I finally made it home and slumped into the kitchen where Tessa had a tall orange drink waiting for me. "Oh thank heavens" I said as I took a long drink from the glass.

"Long day?" Tessa asked with a smile.

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