Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Anya: Speed dating!

To continue the theme of dating torture, my sister Jadzia suggested we set up a speed dating session. If you don't know what speed dating it...well you probably don't want to but basically you have a time limit to how long you can meet and converse with someone, usually less than 10 minutes. And everyone rotates. Sounds fun eh? We set it up for the next day we could all get off and some local service arranged for eligible bachelors to meet us at the park (since there were four of us).

As...maybe not luck exactly...would have it, Franz was one of the eligible bachelors and zeroed in on me when he arrived. So begins round one....

Before I could say anything, Franz rushed to apologize "About the other day, I wasn't trying to be...inappropriate. I was flustered - Tessa didn't tell me about you until I arrived..."

"So we were both part of the conspiracy." I replied with a chuckle. I had no idea how my poor my word choice was until he launched into a diatribe about aliens in Riverview. He was still talking when the timer indicated time was up but we exchange information cards (email only!) anyway.

Joanna, one of my sisters' roommates was still ranting at one of the guys and he had to be rescued as Joanna's second "date" arrived to take his place.

Unfortunately for Franz, he rotated to Tessa next and she laid into him about the almost kiss and his behavior at the beach. Joanna's first date, sat across from me and he seemed rather flustered by his encounter from Joanna but we got along well enough. I was happy to give him my information card well before time was up. And a good thing too because Tessa bellowed "Next!" about 3 minutes into round two, effectively sending Franz away.

Franz rotated to my sister next and she wasn't any easier on the guy - I was beginning to feel just a tiny bit sorry for him as I watched from my own table. A nice guy named Alexander sat across from me. I remember him telling me he was in the military and I remember his rather large manly muscles but I think I ogled him the rest of the time.

We did exchange cards so I hope that means I kept up a pleasant enough conversation on my end but I can't really be sure. Did you see the large muscles? And the nice and I'd like to run my hands through it....of course I didn't then. But he might be worth emailing just for the I drooling?

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joanna walk away from her table and round 3 date, she didn't seem to be doing much better than Franz. I wondered briefly how she and Franz would get along in round four before returning my gaze to Mr. Muscles...

I was sad to see Muscles go but allowed myself a moment to watch him head for Tessa's table. "Mmm" I appreciated for a moment. I pulled my gaze away as my round 4 date approached. Tyson was his name - he was nice and down to earth. I liked him immediately and we had lots to talk about. Even though his potential muscles were hidden beneath a sweatshirt, Mr. Muscles slowly left my brain as I conversed with Tyson. I was disappointed with the timer went off effectively ending our date but I added my cell phone number to the information card I handed him and was happy to see he'd done the same.

I called Tyson a few days later and invited him over one night after work - he didn't seem to mind my late hours and showed up.

Unfortunately about 10 minutes into the evening, the living room rug caught on fire!

By the time it was put out and cleaned up, Tyson really had to get home because he had practice in the morning (he's in sports). I slumped on the front porch stairs as he drove off. Stupid fire. Finally I mustered up the drive to go inside and decided to work out for a bit to let off a bit of pent up energy.

One day I came home from work and an hour at the gym busting with news! Tessa was deep in her newest novel and couldn't seem to stop typing but she listened as I told her I'd gotten a promotion. I wanted to go out and celebrate but she said she only had a few more chapters and really wanted to finish.

"Come on Tessa! PLEASE! I want to celebrate!" I begged

"I'll have purple drinks waiting for you when you come home, call Inara - her boyfriend is out of town, I'm sure she'll go out with you." Tessa replied glancing up from her computer briefly.

I frowned but agreed. "They better be good purple drinks!" I called as I left the office pulling out my phone. Inara agreed to meet me at the Bistro for a late dinner and drinks so I rushed to get there in time.

We were chatting for a moment when I spied a familiar face arrive at the Bistro as well. "Hold on sis." I said and looked over. Sure enough, it was Tyson. "Hey Tyson!" I called out to him and walked toward him. We chatted for several minutes before I remembered Inara. I found her smirking at us from a table and eating a plate of food. When had she ordered? Glancing at my watch I realized the Bistro was officially closed too.

"Darn! They're closed." I said to Tyson. "Are you hungry?" I asked lamely - duh he must be if he was here. We agreed to head to the diner and I headed for Inara to explain but she waved me off before I even reach her table. She knew what I was thinking.

It was almost 2AM when the diner finally kicked us out. I had no idea we'd been talking so long. We stood in the parking lot for few feeling a little awkward despite our earlier comfort. "I had a good time tonight" Tyson said with a shy smile.

We drove back to my house because he insisted on seeing me home (even though we were in my car). We continued talking on the front porch for a bit before he leaned in and gently, almost shyly, kissed me. I was ready to float away at that point.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear "I'll call you." before he really had to get home. He was gonna be exhausted in the morning at practice but neither of us seemed too concerned with that.

True to her word, Tessa had purple fruity drinks waiting for me and I couldn't resist telling her about my almost, kind of, maybe a date....

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