Monday, August 17, 2009

Julian and Tracey part 1

As William and Ashley have passed on, the story now passes to their son Julian. This is the start of HIS story.

Julian couldn't sleep the first night in the house alone so he spent the night in the library.

The next afternoon, his birthday, Tracey's sister Meghan came home after with him after school (they're friends).

Then it was birthday time

He invited Tracey (who also celebrated her birthday the day before) over the next day. He took a moment to cry on her shoulder about his parents (followed by speaking madness)

He felt the quiet of the house and invited her to move in with him. She accepted

Then I got rid of the bright green shirt and the pigtails

I find it funny that the future Emperor of Evil drives around in a cop car (Ashley's). He has another car but he always goes for this one first *shrug*

Julian took Tracey to the cemetery for a date (he's dark and twisted).

They had a picnic on top of someone's grave.

Then out by the river that runs behind the cemetery, he popped the big question

And she of course said yes - they've been best friends since childhood. :)

Just random shot of Julian working out in his swimsuit

I imagine him wondering why the heck I'm watching him take a bath lol

Giving each other the eye ;)

"Hey baby!"

Aww, love my insane evil Julian with the talking to himself lol

Despite joining the criminal career track, Tracey's LTW is to be a world renowned surgeon but she lacks skills. (I sent her to the hospital for a new job). So playing chess.

They got married at the warehouse near the criminal warehouse - fond memories or something lol

Awww, floating hearts

Love that nuclear vomit hehe

Just hanging out reading

Oops, forgot to arrange the special clothes so she didn't end up mismatched.

"Hon, why are we watching kid's TV?"

"Well...Julian, I'm pregnant!"

"Really? Wow!"

I just like this one, no caption

Labor time!
"This is you being helpful? Seriously?"

"Would you stop freaking out and do something useful?? Like we should...AHHHHHHHHHH....go to the hospital?"

Meet Eowyn and Faromir (I was in a LotR mood I guess lol)

Eowyn is the girl (duh)

And then Faromir

The babies were exhausted from the whole being born thing so went right to sleep. Julian and Tracey got busy kissing...

Family picture before they age into toddlers


Eowyn (not sure where this blonde blonde hair came from)

Faromir (even with hair he has what looks like Julian's hair color, looks like they need to have more babies.)

Learning to talk

Daddy was teaching Faromir to walk :)

Ashley made a guest appearance lol

I just love those dang VR goggles lol

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