Saturday, August 22, 2009


Anya's Story: The Setup

I was giggling when the doorbell rang. I'm not really a giggler but I was talking to Tyson on the phone and they just bubbled out of me. I sobered up quickly as another loud "ding dong" reverberated through the house. "Hey Ty, can I call you back later, someone's at the door." I giggled again at his response. "K. Bye....yeah." Finally I snapped the phone shut and trotted to the front door, a large smile on my face. I glanced out the window on the door and my smile drooped. "Tess! My parents are here!" I called toward to office. She'd been camped out in there for days, apparently riding a writing inspiration wave. I thought I heard some sort of reply and shrugged as I pulled open the door. "Hey Dad."

"Hi sweetie" he said pulling me into a hug. His breath tickled my ear as he whispered his warning "She brought you a friend". He had a big grin on his face as he walked by me to allow my mom and a tall man to enter.

"Mom." I said giving her a quick hug. She looked like she was plotting as she motioned to the man. "Anya, this is Spencer." She hurried down the hall leaving Spencer and I alone.

"Hi Spencer, I'm Anya." I offered him my hand and he shook it confidently returning my greeting. He had a good shake, and he did look good.

I was about to ask him how he'd gotten dragged along to this...whatever this was...when my phone rang. Tyson. I suppressed another giggle and led Spencer into the house. "So Mom, what are y'all doing here?" I asked. They lived a few towns over and a visit was NOT a day trip for them.

"Can't a mother want to see her daughter?" my mom asked feigning innocence.

"Yes, but normal people call." I said with a smirk. I knew she'd shrug it off and she did. "Need a place to stay tonight?" I asked. I knew the only hotel in town was booked and had been for weeks due to the start of summer.

"If you don't mind." My dad interjected. "And for Spencer?"

"That's fine." I said nodding. Tess finally emerged from her den and cave each of my parents a quick hug. Tess got along with my parents better than her own. "Right Tess?"

"Yeah sure." she said without even considering. I wasn't sure she knew what I was referring to and my suspicions were confirmed when she looked at me questioningly "Wait what?" she asked

"My parents and Spencer, " I point to the charming man standing by the fireplace, "they're gonna stay the night before heading back."

"Oh I'm not going back with your parents" Spencer said with a smile. "I'm moving here, my apartment will be ready next week."

"And until then..." my mom said baiting the line and eying me expectantly.

I glared at her and then looked over at Spencer who looked totally innocent. I suspected he had a plan on where to stay but my mom had decided it wasn't acceptable...

"Where are you staying until your apartment is ready?" I asked casually.

"An old friend of mine is out of town, I'll crash at his place if I can't get a room at the hotel. I'm sure he won't mind..." Spencer said.

I caught my mom still looking from me to him and winking. She was definitely plotting. I wasn't about to satisfy her plot at this point and turned to Tessa. "Want to help me get dinner ready?" I asked and she agreed.

My mom eyed me through most of the preparation and through dinner. I knew she wanted me to extend an invitation to Spencer, we had plenty of room in the house and she knew it. I didn't satisfy her though.

After we'd finished eating, my dad disappeared first, followed by my mom. She actually pushed me back into my seat when I started to stand to clear the dishes. Tessa stayed as long as she could before my mom beckoned her for the third time from the kitchen. I looked at Spencer across the table and started laughing. Spencer joined in with me. He was clearly not oblivious to the plotting around him.

I decided to move closer to him, it seemed ridiculous to be sitting across a wide table. I spied my mom watching from the living room and ignored her. We chatted with each other for sometime before we both felt the need to get up and stretch.

I finally saw my parents retreat upstairs to the guest room and offered to show Spencer around the house.

"You have a nice house here." He said as we completed the tour back at the top of the stairs near the rec room.

"Thanks, I've done a lot to it over the last 6 months" I said with a small laugh. I noticed he looked at me curiously but didn't ask me to elaborate. "Anyway, we have about 500 channels so feel free to watch anything you like." I said motioning to the TV. I'm a heavy sleeper and I don't think Tessa has slept in days" I said then added quickly "she's a writer and is inspired at the moment."

"Ahh! I understand that." he said. "I'm a photographer, among other things - sometimes you just get the itch."

I nodded. "Well okay, there are clean towels in the bathrooms and you can sleep in the room at the end of the hall." I said starting to head downstairs.

"Anya." he called out when I was about four steps down. He glanced toward the rec room and then back at me. "I know you said you're off tomorrow and I'm buzzed at the moment so not ready for bed - want to watch a movie with me or something?"

"Um...sure. That would be great." I said admitting to myself I wouldn't have fallen asleep for a few hours at least anyway.

We flipped through the channels and the stack of DVDs I owned and finally settled on a comedy.

We both talked through most of the movie and got along really well together.

When my eyes started to droop a bit, I found myself leaning back and against his shoulder - it was comfortable and....well right. It just felt right.

He place his arm around my shoulder casually but I could sense that he was prepared for me to shrug it off or react - I didn't. In fact, I felt myself snuggling closer to him. My eyes were no longer drooping though, I was wide awake.

He leaned in close to me as well as we sat like that for awhile. "I know your mom was trying to set us up and all but I can't really complain" he said against me ear. I could tell he was smiling when he said it too.

I chuckled. "I'm not complaining." I said with a grin.

"I'd like to kiss you right now..." he said serious again.

I smiled and nodded as a touch of pink flared across my face. "And I'd be okay with that..."

And I was. I was VERY okay with that. We didn't finish the movie....well we didn't see how it ended. And neither of us cared in the least. I don't know how long it had been back on the menu screen when we both yawned at the same time. Inwardly I was giddy, thinking [i]'I haven't made out like that since high school'[/i].

We part at the stairs with another kiss, this one quick and light - like we'd been doing it for years and would be doing it for years. I lingered on the steps as he headed to the second guest room and I thought I spied my mom peeking out of their room for a moment as I turned to head down the stairs. I couldn't help but laugh as I climbed into my own bed and snuggled down in the blankets.

The next morning I didn't see my parents. They'd left a note saying they were going into town for the day and would be back for dinner before heading home. I found Spencer having a bowl of cereal wearing PJ pants and no shirt. His back was to me as I looked at his body. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths before getting my own breakfast and settling at the table next to him. "Morning" I said with a smile.

I was pleased to see his face light up a bit as I sat down. "Good morning." he said. "You look great".

I raised an eyebrow at him seeing as I was still in my PJs and had thrown my hair into a quick ponytail but I smiled. "So, what are your plans today?"

"I don't have any really. I have a concert to shoot this weekend but I'm free as a bird today and tomorrow." he said

I nodded and considered. The only concert in town this weekend was the symphony. "You're shooting the Symphony?" I asked then took another bite of my cereal. I saw him look a little surprised for a moment but he nodded. "Saturday night?" I queried.

"Yeah, are you going?" he asked trying to figure out how I knew so much.

I laughed. I almost choked on my cereal as I laughed. "Going? Yes, I should hope so." I said when I'd recovered use of my voice. "I'm First Chair." I said with a grin.

"Fabulous!" he said. "I love music!"

I finished my cereal and grabbed both our bowls and placed them in the sink. "Come on. Let's go to the beach." I said, I wasn't even sure he had swim clothes with him but I figured it was a great day. He agreed and took the stairs two at a time to change. We walked down to the cove together and claimed a couple of chairs before the crowd would arrive.

He gave me a fabulous back massage when I complained about being a little sore after we'd been there for a couple hours.

After that, we couldn't seem to keep our hands off each other.

I hadn't realized Tyson had arrived (in fact I hadn't really thought much of Tyson since last night) until he came over and started gesturing and talking loudly. Mostly toward Spencer - which Spencer didn't deserve.

I stepped in. "Tyson! What is your problem?"

"My problem?" Tyson sputtered toward me. "I thought....I mean..."

"You thought what exactly? You're a great guy but we've been on a grand total the three sort of dates - two of those were over within 10 minutes. One involved fire. We had one kiss....I'd like get to know you more but we never..."

Tyson seemed at a loss for words. He was honestly feeling betrayed and I simply couldn't feel guilty. We barely knew each other and certainly weren't exclusive. I wasn't sure we were really dating before I met Spencer but we were on our way there probably. He was angry and wouldn't drop it. Finally I sighed. "Tyson, I won't apologize, why don't you just go." I said a little sad, our young friendship had just shattered into nothing and I hated that - he was a nice guy.

I turned back to Spencer and shrugged. "Sorry about that. That was Tyson, I met him a couple weeks ago." Spencer just nodded. He could tell I was sad and pulled me into a hug.

"It's okay." he said softly into my ear.

After the hug he smiled. "You need a drink, let me get you one from the bar." he said taking my hand and pulling me over. I nodded and followed him, my hand still firmly held by him. He planted me into a barstool and went behind the bar to make up some drinks for us. I was content watch him when I familiar smell assaulted me....'Adam, Adam's cologne....' the thought met my brain just as a hand touched my neck.

"Hey babe" a soft male voice said. A familiar voice slightly slurred. It was Adam - definitely Adam. But he was tipsy. Spencer was still ducked behind the bar to gathering stuff for drinks as I whipped out of my chair and shoved Adam away from me.

"Don't. Touch. Me." I warned.

"What's your problem.....Ahn?" he sputtered. Yep, definitely tipsy.

"You're drunk. And you're married. And you're not married to me. So don't touch me, you don't have the right." I shot back. I watched as his eyes widened and the cloud of fuzz on his brain cleared just a bit. I wondered briefly if he was unhappy with his new wife but decided I didn't really care anymore. He stumbled backward a bit and then left the cove quickly.

Spencer came around and pulled me into another embrace. "Any more boyfriends be joining us today?" he asked with a smile. I chuckled and buried my head in his chest. "My days aren't normally this interesting." I said.

"I don't mind." Spencer said still holding me. "I like learning about you....even if this is how it happens."

And then he kissed me, this time a long exploring kiss.

We were still at the cover when the sun started to set as well....there was more kissing.

More people arrived as the beach was swathed in artificial light and the glow of the moon off the water. Spencer started up a fire pit and a few people joined us around the pit.

It wasn't until we got back to the house that I remembered my parents and dinner. Tessa reminded me and grinned like a cat. "Your mom didn't seem to mind when I mentioned you'd been out all day with Spencer. She said to tell you goodbye and to remind you about Spencer's living situation" she said with a laugh.

I changed out of my beach dress and then found Spencer in the second guest room. I shuffled my feet a bit and then approached him. "So I know you said you could crash at your friend's place but since he's not here....and you're already could stay here." I said awkwardly. "Until your apartment is ready of course..."

"Of course..." Spencer said grinning.

"So do you want to stay here?" I asked, motioning to the room. "We have space and all..."

"Here, in this room?" Spencer asked smiling

"" I said trying to resist the urge to invite him to my own room. "It's a nice room...."

"It is..." Spencer said as he stepped closer and pulled me into an embrace.

I pushed him away a bit with a laugh. "Here...yes, definitely here." I said grinning.

He pretended to be resigned but he was smiling. "This would be great Anya, thanks for the offer." he said. "I really appreciate it." He gave me a light kiss and we said goodnight.

I'm not sure how he spent the next day as I had to work but he found me lounging in the backyard that night. He was wearing PJ pants again and since I'd spied him wearing just shorts and no shirt to work out earlier I couldn't help but joke. "Do you own any shirts?" I asked with a grin.

Spencer chuckled. "I do, want me to put one on?" he asked

I eyed him up and down and shook my head. "Not really" I said with a wink. I watch his sculpted body as he sat down in the chair next to me. "No, not at all." I said quietly.

We stayed sitting there, just chatting for over and hour. He finally got up and left me with a kiss as he went inside. I followed shortly after and could see him jogging on the treadmill on the sundeck. No shirt....I almost went in and invited him to my room but with a heavy sigh, I turned from the sight and headed to bed. "Not yet." I said to myself. "Not yet..."

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