Monday, August 17, 2009

Will and Ashley, part 6

Ashley had the day off and all the kids were at school. Here she is rockin in her bathrobe

That afternoon Edward invited his girlfried Ivy out to the same park where his parents got married....and proceeded to break up with her.

"Um, so, Ivy...." feet shuffled. "I think we should see other people..." he looks away. Ivy cries and then attempts to smack him on the shoulder. He makes a hasty retreat

And goes home and calls up Kelly who he's had a few kisses with they're going out...

The following morning I found Hannah just relaxing in bed - I love that they can read in bed now lol

And I found Edward rocking on his guitar - he was writing a love story for Kelly and editing history about Ivy a bit lol

The girls doing their homework at the table

Cat met Daniel Crosby (who I totally forgot was in the neighborhood - he is the teenage version of Will's grandfather lol, I needed him teenaged for some pictures for the other family and I guess I stuck him in this neighborhood at some point as filler? lol). ANYWAY, Cat and Daniel became friends and more. :)

The day after Tracey's family moved to town, she and Julian met at school. She came home from school with him to hang out.

They played tag together

She met Will and was thrilled to talk about his books!
"I've read every book you've ever written!" she exclaimed. Will smiled and gave her an autographed copy of his newest release.

Then Tracey met Julian's sisters. She chatted about her own sister...

Being a Friday night, Julian asked her to sleep over so they could keep playing. Nick, a single dad still tired from the move, was thrilled she was making friends and said yes right away.

Aww, Julian and Tracey are just too cute together lol

The sleepover version 2 (since the game froze during save)

Ashley flirting with Erick next door. I sooooo didn't do this! (stupid free will)

Will and Hannah finished paintings at the same time

Again, free will made Ashley read a pregnancy book after flirting with the neighbor!

The Triplets had their birthdays!
Cat (see Tracey was still at the house with us!)


Jonathan (I imagine him saying "woohoo, I'm an adult! I'm so mature" and then doing a little happy dance lol)

I went ahead and triggered the birthdays of Cat's boyfriend Daniel and Edward's girlfriend Kelly and then moved all four in together in a large house. We'll see what happens. :) Then Ursula Lobos (Jonathan's girlfriend) happened to be at the house and was already an adult so since the house was a little more empty, he proposed to her, they got married on the deck and then moved out (after a quick trip to the dresser for Jonathan to get rid of the overalls lol)

Victoria went invisible for awhile. It was very strange. I thought she was stuck or something but the plumbob moved around with invisible

I love this painting for some reason, I have ever since I first saw it painted in another game lol

Even though the story is moving more toward Julian, and even though Ashley went all flirty with the neighbor (hehe): Will and Ashley are still close and...yeah, good thing they can't make more babies :)

And Hannah has also found a boyfriend! Awww (with cruddy traits)

The future Mr and Mrs Evil?

Julian went over to the Ice house on the day of his birthday, here he is doing his homework. :)

Birthday time

Nick was laughing at him (don't think I'll be inviting him to the wedding hehe)

And then Julian thought it would be funny to scare his best friend (BAD Julian, Bad!)

Now does this look like the future Emperor of Evil?!

Anyway, the twins grew into adults. I saved after that. But it crashed mid save after I'd gotten them jobs, started to move them out. I aged up Hannah's boyfriend and was trying to get them married so I could send them out all ready to make grandbabies. After that was the bad save. Ah well, here are the grown up twins



And a full update (and as I was typing this AVG scans finished! woot)
Here's Julian as a teen after a repeat trip to the dresser (since it crashed the first time). This time I just gave him one outfit for each lol

Julian invited the new teenaged Tracey over. She was wearing a dress (albeit a kind of ugly one lol) which made Julian see her as less tomboyish and well, there was kissing...

And then Julian spoke madness, kind of freaking her out. But she took it in good stride.

Random shot of Hannah after a workout

I think he's plotting something

Will painted this, I've had it painted in other games before but I always find it interesting :)

He looks less evil and more...*whispers*

For some bizarre reason on the way home from school one day he got off the bus somewhere (even though his sisters were already home at this point). Then I told him to do his homework thinking he was home too. He then got in a cab and still had "Do homework" queued up. So I thought he was coming home. I went to check on him and he got out of the cab in front of the Broke place?! And then sat on the sidewalk to do his homework...

Random teen Victoria shot

Victoria's birthday transition

Hannah's birthday transition

It started so happy! Hannah proposed to and married her high school sweetheart right there on the front porch! She'd gotten a job at the hospital and her older brother Jonathan was her boss, so her day was going so well!

Will, Ashley and Julian settled into a house that felt a bit empty for the first time in years. Ashley retired from the Lab and spent a lot of time in their small garden. Will was working hard on the culmination of his entire writing career - a masterpiece. And Julian spent a lot of time talking to himself and checking himself out in the mirror - strange kid he is. One morning, Ashley came done to fix some breakfast and felt a little tingly...

Will heard the ominous sound to indicate Grim's arrival and ran to the kitchen, he was distraught!

Ashley accepted her death with grace as she shook Grim's hand and jumped into her urn.

Grim, a huge gamer, settled into the couch to play a bit.

Julian interrupted his game to talk about music but grim didn't seem to mind.

After Grim left, Julian need to let out some emotion so he tiptoed up behind the maid...

It took awhile for Will to go back to his writing. He kept stopping to cry.

Over the next couple days he churned out several novels, which will later be known as his dark phase I expect.

He was just getting into a bit of a humor and started a satire novel when he suddenly stood up, tingling all over. Then the glowing and floating happened..

Grim met him in the library, Julian was upset to lose his father so close to his mom.

Like Ashley, Will shook Grim's hand - ready to join his wife in the here after.

Grim settled in to play some computer games and was interrupted again by Julian

Grim gave him a friendly hug - a nice gesture considering the poor kid just lost both his parents!

Right now they're buried off the side of the house. Not sure if I'll keep them there or take them to town or what. Maybe I'll bring them inside as urns...hmmm

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