Monday, August 17, 2009

Will and Ashley, part 5

Hannah is very light and girly. She loves Simderella ;)


After (just ignore the fact that she briefly had dark hair, I really didn't just dye a child's hair...really! lol)

Victoria, on the other hand, is getting into the young Goth scene, it's all the rage at her school right now lol. Look at the look she's shooting her mom for these silly pigtails!



A Saturday at Will and Ashley's
Will worked on his latest novel, a humorous look at the life of toads (at least that's what he tells me it's about)

Victoria stalks the maid around the house scaring her then goes off to play chess with Ashley

Hannah decides to paint a picture involving flowers and butterflies and other girlyness

Lizzie spends the whole day in the library reading every book under the sun

Cat comes back from an early morning jog and starts working out (she wants to be an astronaut)

Edward and Jonathan both practice the guitar

Edward then decides he wants to learn a few new songs and heads into town to buy a few. Instead of coming home to learn them, he starts playing right outside the book store and draws a decent size crowd

At the end of the day, Will makes spaghetti and the whole family comes together to have some.

Look Lexiana can apparently fly...

Edward started flirting with another girl and that's girlfriend Ivy walking right by apparently ignoring him...

Lizzie grew up

Hannah painted a brilliant painting as a child :)

Ashley got to switch to the law enforcement track and needs to write reports so she's digging for info...

The first thing I (er she....yeah SHE) did was move out of the house. Love ya Lizzie but your parents want a baby...okay that sounds bad. They did give her over 50K to buy a new house down in town, right off the square.

Then Will and Ashley, still unable to keep their hands off each other with a full grown daughter, three teens and 2 children got close...

Ashley, who came into the law enforcement career as a transfer, was woefully behind on her reports so she has to do A LOT of snooping and interviewing. Since they live on one of the most affluent streets in Riverview, her neighbors throw out some good stuff (like 3 VR goggles!)

Sweet Hannah is becoming a talented painter, at her young age she's already painted three brilliant paintings.

Everyone in this painting is wearing what looks like base game clothes....BUT see the dogs? lol

I could say something but do I need to? I mean see the flying vomit??

Just after finishing his Best Seller titled "My Spawn", his computer blue screened! (okay not really, it just looked like it lol)

Remember the groping in bed? Remember the flying vomit? knew it was coming

All the kids had gone to bed as it was a school night but Will and Ashley stayed up until almost 3AM playing video games.

The next day Victoria went out exploring

And then Ashley went into labor. They took her cruiser and I had her turn on the siren...because I could hehe

She came out carrying a sweet little bundle of blue named Julian.

A few days passed, it was the weekend so there was skilling, reading, playing games...and then it was birthday time for the twins and Julian!



It pays to have teen siblings when there is a baby/toddler in the house. Will and Ashley barely had to do anything!
Edward taught Julian to talk and potty trained him.

Cat taught him to walk

Jonathan kept up the garden out back (I'll be sad to see him leave, neither Will nor Ashley have shown any interest in the gardening lol)

Meanwhile Ashley rummaged in trash (and found VR goggles AND a pink diamond! it pays to get all stinky!)

And read a book by the fireplace

Will worked on his latest book. Having written over 15 books, including a handful of best sellers and hits - he's a well known author and currently is earning 10K a week in royalties.

And then the time came, I'd put it off for a bit by turning aging off so they could have Julian and all but I hated having to go back and forth on the aging depending on the game I was playing. Will and Ashley's birthdays into elders

No more babies for you guys! (besides 7 is enough!)

And then it was also time for Julian to age up (okay it was a couple days early because he'd learned everything he needed). I'm not sure he's pleased...

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